With the POWER of Gratitude…

…Reality as a perception becomes clear.

Everything that could be justified as discontent in one’s life melts away, slipping into recognition of the value one already has.

That means:

  • In heavy traffic or multiple red lights, hey at least I have reliable transportation. And when I see someone stuck on the side of the road, the gratitude of having my own transportation offers compassion to me to help the other out in whatever way I can.


  • In sickness, there are those willing and open-hearted to take care of me, ask me how I’m doing, or wish me well, putting intention and energy into my recovery.


  • In stagnating relationships, a whole new sense of appreciation for one’s counterpart blossoms upon the discovery of ‘first-love’ qualities you initially found in that person as well as new perspectives of them to admire..


  • In regard to feeling overwhelmed at work: at least I’m learning some new skill that will be beneficial down the road; I can still say I’m doing the work I love to do; I’ve considered all my options and I really don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of this job anymore – I think it’s time for a change to something I’ll really enjoy doing.


  • In failure… I got to learn! I allowed myself to make a freaking mistake and feel okay about it and I learned from it!! Thank you, World, for the freedom to fail; it’s not the end of you after all!! Wow, that felt great to get out.


…Emotions become rocket fuel instead of boat-rockers.

They transform through appreciation:

  • Anger – becomes passion & persistence directed toward a productive endeavor.


  • Sadness – becomes the ability to feel gentleness, softness and vulnerability (in which lies great opportunity); also, a reference point to appreciate moments of love.


  • Anxiety – becomes a heightened awareness of what’s going on inside or around us. Awareness leads to enhanced creativity, capability and resourcefulness.


  • Joy – becomes a grounded reference point for times when we feel low; a regulator for breaking up the mundane, but also adding value by being able to appreciate the simple and subtle things in life.


  • Grief – becomes compassion and a willingness to be closer to others by opening ourselves up and reaching out; an inclination to be of service and/or support for others.


  • Love – becomes an overwhelming sense of being in the right place at the right time, exactly where we ought to be.


…Relationships open up, strengthening and deepening connections.

Would you choose to continue stewing over the argument you had with a friend or loved one, or shut off an acquaintance because you didn’t see eye to eye?


Could you find a way, in the midst of that emotional moment, to see beyond that incident to what that person truly means to you? It’s your choice, and you have every chance to change it at your discretion.


Gratitude invites a compassionate approach toward others that, with integrity, softens rough edges and opens a creativity toward compromise. It encourages a sense of humor and laughter to replace resistance and squabbles. It becomes a display of respect - one toward others, but also for yourself because you choose to incorporate gratitude in your approach to others even during difficult times.


It doesn’t have to imply repairing worn or unhealthy relationships either, necessarily. Cultivating gratitude can help develop a sense of self-respect to confidently and thoughtfully diverge from an unhealthy relationship.


Perhaps the other person doesn’t understand, but it’s not your job to make them; you can find gratitude in that the relationship showed you how you don’t like to be treated, what you will tolerate, how you appreciate being treated, and, BONUS! A new standard for how you would like to treat others in kind.


…Awareness Heightens

Appreciation for what we already have helps us to recognize that our current needs are already fulfilled. So, we can take a gentle rest from ambition and the “fix my life!” mode to enjoy the moment:


Hey, we’ve arrived.

“Where? It doesn’t feel like we’ve moved at all!”

Yet we’ve shifted everything around us: we’ve successfully released the mind’s running thoughts and have become more aware of what’s happening right now. We’re exactly where we need to be. Take it in!

(Deep breath and a decided head-swivel) “Ah, that does feel good! What was the concern, anyways?”

You were worried about having enough money to fund your work.

“Hey yeah, but look! Some of my friends and cousins are helping out to get the project done, it’s just going to take a little longer than expected, that’s all.”
The power of gratitude reveals to us in different, wondrous ways how wealth and fortune can manifest in our lives by having:

  • The support of loved ones


  • Strong network connections in the work arena


  • An aptitude for cheering others up, making others laugh, or inspiring others to great ideas


  • A delay or disappointed expectation that turns out to be just the right timing or a blessing in disguise…


It may be cliché by now but still a classic totem of how gratitude can change one’s life around: just watch and recall the last 20 minutes or so of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life!” after George Bailey first gets his life back. He’s so full of love he kisses the stair banister that always falls apart on him!


Practicing gratitude each chance we get helps to assure that our needs are covered, it helps remind us of our true desires and enlightens us as to what we have to work with to make our dreams come true.


…A motive for commitment to action leads us to do great things.

From something as pithy as a “Thank You” card to the act of giving someone a thoughtful gift, supporting one in a time of need, or donating time to a cause - like an hour a day tending to a community garden - showing our gratitude is most powerful of all.


It lifts people’s spirits when they’re recognized for their efforts. People are reminded of their value and sometimes even pleasantly surprised by the influence they have on others just by being themselves. That can be as powerful as igniting the life spark. Communities thrive and support each other, energized by the warm center that they share together by giving a bit of themselves, showing what the community means to them.


The influence of receiving someone’s gratitude can be inspirational: touching lives, changing minds, humbling stubbornness, and compelling the generous desire to reciprocate.


In the United States there’s an entire holiday dedicated to gratitude called “Thanksgiving”. It’s typically known for being celebrated with friends, family and food - lots of delicious food, for which people give thanks for receiving. What if we found a different way to celebrate our gratitude EVERYDAY?

What would that look like to you?

How do you like to show your gratitude?


…The realization of our dreams that we work toward becomes expedited.

Hello! Express package coming through and it’s got YOUR name on it. What’s inside? Oh, only everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Okay, not everything, that would require a much bigger package. But that ideal career change you’ve been hoping for and working at? It’s yours.


Remember to thank yourself.


Because you’ve stayed true to yourself, remained patient (as best you could, haha), stuck through your old job to support yourself and family and then jumped on connecting with your new business friend that started out as just a chance meeting, your display of gratitude and persevering efforts helped you to realize a dream that much faster, all with relative ease and a clear head.


The POWER of Gratitude is a speedy transformational tool that can stir lemons into lemonade.

Like a philosopher’s stone, gratitude turns burdens, heavy like lead, into golden opportunities.

And with enough practice and consistency, gratitude will boost a moderately-satisfying lifestyle into a prosperous one.

Yes, it is possible to live the life of our dreams. So for that, reach high, dig deep and be grateful.

And oh yes, please share it with us and the world. You will come to find just how much it’s appreciated in return.

With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.