What Would Robin Williams Say?

Hanging With The Masters Episode .5 With Sheila Applegate


Robin Williams touched our hearts, through his comedy, charity, films and through his love for life.

There are no words grand enough to convey the impact he had on our world.

What would Robin Williams say if we gave him a mic today?

How does he view the world from his new perspective?

'If Heaven exists, to know that there's laughter, that would be a great thing.' Robin WilliamsClick To Tweet

It is with great reverence (and a little hesitation) that I offer myself as a vessel for him to speak through.

The art of channeling is not void of the artist’s interpretation.

Just as a painter imprints his own reflections within his painting and an actor brings her soul to the character she plays, through the art of channeling, the message emerges from the union of two souls in creation.

It is both an honor and an adventure to be in creative union with the energy imprint of the soul known as Robin Williams.

Join us on this wild adventure and let us know what you think.

What Would Robin Williams Say?

by Sheila Applegate | Hanging With The Masters

One of my favorite moments is when I gaze into my empty fridge and pantry (which happens a lot when I am immersed in a creative project) then putting odd random ingredients together, I create a delectable masterpiece.