Navigate Your Life With Landmarks

Landmarks make a great point of reference in life to navigate ourselves, from where we’ve come, providing a sense of experience, to where we are, providing a sense of appreciation for our life’s journey, to where we’re going, which helps us keep mindful of our desires and what we want out of life.

All in all, landmarks are very useful so that we don’t feel like we’re stumbling in the dark. They also help us to keep mindful of being compassionate. However, it’s important to understand that landmarks are simply a point of reference. They don’t define us. You may have noticed if you use these already that what they represent to you changes over time.

In this ever-changing world, as we continue to change, the most important thing is to stay present.

This is the moment, it’s here and now – time to let all fall down.

Let it go. 

Let it be and watch it blow away with the wind striding by.

Now step up, go on from this line in the sand and see what clearly lays before you.  Place a sure foot forward with your best intentions and let’s walk.  We’ll go together and know each step is our own, and that this is what will grow the path in front of each one of us whether they may cross or stray, divert or stay straight on.

Whatever landmarks guide us on our way through this life, remembering what significance they hold for us and allowing them to lead us on the right path will help uncover a story so old we can’t help but keep listening and watching in awe as our imaginations paint the world the way we truly intend it to be.

Getting lost is a hilarious endeavor as fear of the unknown, like being open to what’s new, blends with discovery (of self, others, and) of the world no matter how subtle or outrageous.  Stay in your backyard, but give a warm HEY to your neighbor - they’ll be sure to pass the word on.  Learning to laugh at ourselves at any moment may be the most difficult joke to get, so instead of “you had to be there”, be there.

Wherever we may be, there is always someone looking out for us even when we forget to do it for ourselves.  So when you find your home within your soul kitchen, be surprised at how many people come to eat!  Be pleasantly inspired by how bottomless your pantry is to be able to provide!  And the more we each do, for every moment we go out of our “way” to be bold and spontaneous like a fresh two-step on the sidewalk after tripping up, the more others will notice what it’s like to share the true love of oneself.

With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.