Universal Energy: The Vitamin For Your Soul

Are you feeling drained and exhausted with no medical explanation? Have you been on the go and stressed out, thinking you cannot possibly get everything done? All the different aspects of your life need your attention. You fear that if you fall behind you will never catch up. How can you possibly maintain your bright, shiny spirit and still accomplish your to-do list? Have you ever wished you could grab a spiritual energy-boosting vitamin?

We expend a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual energy even when things are going along fabulously. We are, by nature, caregivers for the world. Helping each other – family, friends, coworkers, clients and strangers, is what we do - every day. It feels amazing to help put a smile on someone’s face and make their life a little easier. It is addicting!

As time goes by, if you are not aware of ways to revitalize your energy, a variety of symptoms start to creep up on you such as headaches, sluggishness, sadness, and irritability. You find yourself wondering where your happy, lively self went! While there are other factors that might be contributing to your decreased vitality level, there is one thing you may have forgotten to do: allow yourself to receive. There is an unlimited supply of Divine Universal Energy available to you and there are many ways to soak it up so you feel marvelous!

Universal Life Force: The Invisible Gift.

Human beings and, well, absolutely everything, including inanimate objects, are made of universal energy. You may have heard it called different names: Chi, Ki, Prana, Light or Spirit. There is a constant flow through us and around us. Its goal is for us to be in alignment, head to toe, with a smooth flow of Divine Light. It is what keeps us alive. When we are relaxed and feeling well, it is easier to connect with the light and feel it rejuvenating your system.

However, when you start to break your own record on the stress meter day by day, you can unconsciously be slowing down that lovely energy stream. Your chest feels tight, there is a knot in your stomach and your jaw is clenched. Keep being your generous, caring self, by all means, but if you do not allow yourself a free refill of source energy, soon you will not be able to keep up with the demands you have placed on yourself. You will feel drained and disconnected. While your soul never dies, sometimes it needs some TLC, and a refreshing rush of pure life force will do the trick! The good news is that there are several easy methods to choose from for nourishing your soul and getting your glow back!

Four Soothing Strategies To Re-Energize :

1- Light Visualization

  • Close your eyes and pay attention to how your body feels right now. Take some deep breaths and begin to relax. Become aware of areas in your body that feel tight or are in pain. Feel, sense, or imagine a beautifully perfect white light start to fill your mind. This light is universal energy. Notice how warm and comforting it is.
  • Allow yourself to receive. Imagine this Divine light melting into your shoulders and traveling into your chest, your heart. Take a deep breath and feel your heart expand. The Universe is flooding you with unconditional love. Feel the light traveling down your arms and into your abdomen. Notice any tension or pain simply washes away. Your spine may tingle as the Divine White Light fills every vertebra. Allow the white light to travel down through and out your feet, into the earth.
  • You are so relaxed! You have become a brilliant pillar of white light. Every cell in your body is glowing. You are worthy of receiving this loving gift. Now re-assess your body. Are those areas that were previously uncomfortable more at ease now?
  • You can do this several times per day. You can actually do it very quickly once you get used to it. It is also fun to bring in other vibrant colors along with the beautiful white light. Play with it!

2- Meditation.

  • There are many choices of meditation methods. Whether you are a novice or have been studying it for years, you can have deeper experiences with guided meditations. The bonus gift in guided imagery meditations is that they are fun!
  •  Guided Conscious Meditations™ , as taught in the Consciously Awesome Program™, will give you a greater understanding of your life as a whole. It is a tune up for your mind, body and soul. Carve some time out of your day to meditate, even if only for ten minutes. I know people who meditate on their lunch break at work. Some go to their car to be alone. Once you realize how much better you feel, you will make it a regular practice.

3- Reiki or other energy modalities.

  • Find a reputable Reiki practitioner and treat yourself to a session. Reiki is a Japanese technique for pain and stress relief that is all about balance for your physical, spiritual and emotional self. Better yet, become a Reiki practitioner. You will learn much more about utilizing universal energy. This gives you a double bonus! Not only will you have another way to help others, you will gain the ability to do Reiki for yourself. It is AWESOME!

4- Nature.

  • Get outside, feel the breeze and the sun on your face. Notice how the earth feels under your feet. Become aware of the support the Earth has to offer. Remember Mother Earth herself is made of energy and will help you get into alignment. Notice the vibrant colors all around you and the miracle of life itself.
  • Anytime you can get in the water is fun as well. Go wading in a creek, jump in the ocean, or play in a rainstorm.
  • Gaze at the moon and stars at night. Soak up the light. It is there for you to receive.

Now that you have these tips, remember to check in with yourself every few hours. You will soon become aware of how it feels when you are not open to receiving the infinite source of Divine love and light that surrounds you.

Take a deep breath and let your spiritual vitamin do its job. Bask in the glow.

You deserve it.

Each night I take a moment to gaze up at the starry sky and breathe in its wonder. Witnessing the shimmering brilliance of the stars, I begin to giggle as I find my own brilliance in their reflection.