Siri: Call My Spirit Guides!

Did you know that conversing with your spirit guides is as easy as making a phone call? The celestial telecommunication lines are open! Lightning-fast connections and unlimited data are available now!

Are you aware of the presence of guides and angels but doubt that you can communicate with them? Is it difficult to believe that you even have spirit guides? It is normal to have doubts until you have a few otherwise unexplainable, Divine interactions of your own.

Spirit guides can come in the form of angels, ascended masters, or loved ones who have passed on. Everyone has them, including you! It is your choice whether you keep them at a distance or have a closer, livelier relationship with them.

Divine Light Beings Are All Around.

There may be just one guide at a time working with you, or you may have a whole committee ready and willing to jump into action when you need them. They have access to Divine information just for you, having a broader perspective on your life than you are able to see.

Guides are here to teach, assist and love you unconditionally. Sometimes they arrive to give you a virtual swift kick in the butt; a kick that presents a course correction on your spiritual path.

Wherever you are on your personal spiritual journey, spirit guides are here to help, and they want to hear from YOU! Just start speaking to them as if you were talking casually on your phone. You do not have to know their names. Say “Hi” and “Thank you for being here” to get the energetic connection started! If you feel silly talking aloud, you can say it in your head. I assure you they will hear your words.

The next step is being open to receive their beautiful messages.

There Are Several Ways To Receive Guidance.

You will decide which combination works best for you as you gain experience. In much the same way as we communicate on the physical plane using all our senses, you can do the same to begin conversations with your guides.

HEAR them speaking aloud or through thoughts that pop into your head. Have you ever heard your name spoken but no one is around? An angel may be trying to get your attention.

SEE images in your mind’s eye or even in physical form. The images usually relate to a person or situation that means something special to you. Physical objects may actually appear around your house: loose change, feathers, flowers, etc.

Recently a client’s husband developed an illness that made it difficult for him to think clearly as the disease progressed. He used to joke that he was losing his marbles. Sure enough, after he passed, they started finding marbles around the house. He certainly gets his message through loud and clear now that he is using celestial communications!

FEEL the presence of a guide: your hands might tingle, the air may feel lighter around you, or you might sense a powerful, loving presence in your heart.

KNOW that you have made contact. You have probably had the experience of thinking your friend was going to call just before they did call, right? It is that same inner knowing. You know your beautiful guide is present. It can be as simple as that.

DREAM of your guides and loved ones. Vivid dreams that you cannot forget, the kind that seem so REAL - those dreams frequently occur to teach or comfort you. Cherish them.

You do not have to wait for the guides to make their presence known. You can dial their number at any time and get the conversation started by following these simple steps:

1 - Say a PRAYER or statement of intent in your own words that comes from your heart. Ask for the perfect angel or spirit guide that would be the best teacher for you at this time.

2 - RELAX! You are in a sacred space and will receive messages only from Divine, loving light beings.

3 - ALLOW thoughts, images, and awareness to become available to you.

4 - RECEIVE love, messages, and support.

5 - Give THANKS for the flow of information you have received.

The more frequently you use the above sequence, meet-ups with your guides will become second nature. Your abilities will expand and you will be talking with your guides just as you chat with your friends here on Earth!

Remember To Have Fun!

One of the best parts of learning to communicate with your own special team of advisors is that they have a sense of humor! The Divine information they are delivering is important, however their method of delivery may have you giggling with delight or wide-eyed in wonder at the seemingly impossible synchronicities it took to get the information to you.

When I was first learning to receive messages from the Higher Realms, I could see my guides’ lips moving but I just could not fully hear or understand their words. In frustration one day, I said, “Please hold up a sign, because clearly I am incapable of hearing you.” They did! Cue cards from Heaven! Just a word or a picture would appear on the card and it would trigger my full understanding of their message. Sometimes they would clap and dance around in celebration when I got the correct information! Now I have learned to ‘hear’ with my inner ears, but I still use this method on occasion!

See what I mean about having fun with your guides? These conference calls do not always have to be so serious! The greatest lesson they can bestow upon you is to live your life fully with love, joy and laughter. Joke around with them!

On the other hand, angels and guides can provide emergency services as well.

One wintery night, I was on my way to work when a freak storm hit. A weird concoction of heavy snow, sleet, and thick fog descended very quickly on the highway: it was like trying to drive through a marshmallow. I could not see a thing - no lights or landmarks. I did not know if I was still on the road or heading for a deep ditch. I wanted to pull over and stop but did not dare. I was barely creeping along, hoping no one would crash into me from behind. It was truly the scariest driving experience I had ever had. All I could do was pray.

Then It Happened, Just Like In The Movies.

The music on the radio changed to static. A tiny, high voice that sounded very far away sang, “There’s an angel on your shoulder.” Before I had time to process that, the radio went to static again. Then the song “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker came on.

I instantly saw taillights directly in front of me that were not there just seconds before. I grabbed that celestial message and followed those lights, shaking and elated at the same time. I said thank you repeatedly. I made it to work safely. I knew an angelic intervention kept me on the road that night.

Think back to situations in your life that were filled with strange coincidences. Chances are it was really your guidance team demonstrating what they could do for you. They have been with you all along. If you are open to a deeper relationship with your special light beings you will soon feel supported, loved, and confident knowing you have celestial friends readily available!

You have been given some tips to initiate more frequent two-way consultations. Now that you have their contact information, put your spirit guides on speed dial!

What Ringtone Will You Give Them?

Each night I take a moment to gaze up at the starry sky and breathe in its wonder. Witnessing the shimmering brilliance of the stars, I begin to giggle as I find my own brilliance in their reflection.