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Thank you Martin Erhardt for another amazing Sense8 Montage. This time he captures all the Unfinished Storylines.

I have been kick’in it in the cosmos for a very long time. I feel it in my bones. I’m back, again, cos-playing the human game with my +1 mind of forgetfulness to experience the eternal punchline of self realization one more time.

Sense8 & lifestyle| In this episode of Live Sense8 podcast, Zac & Sheila dive deep into Happy F*cking New Year, Season 2 Episode 1 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8. Cameo Alert: Did you catch Sense8 Creator, Lana Wachowski walking by Wolfgang and Felix on the streets of Berlin during the New Year's Eve Celebration? Join Sheila & Zac as they explore the multilevel perspectives of Empathy, Superstition, Beliefs, and Acceptance presented in this episode. Have a listen & tell us what you think.