Really, How Scarce is Abundance in Your Life?


Okay, quick!

What is one word to describe your abundance level right at this moment!?

Did you say…overflowing? depleted? fulfilled? lacking? comfortable? deficient?

Now, is this the level of abundance you dream of?

Think about it - think about each moment you live in abundance.  The way your body physically feels when you sense abundance brimming over in your life, tingly, light, electrified. Your mind is clear and at peace. You want to savor every moment, and sometimes even share it. Ahhh.

When you consider that abundance means you have an ample amount of something, you visualize a whole spectrum of ‘ampleness’: empty…some…enough…full…bursting…overwhelming…

And within that spectrum you find there is an ebb and flow in the degrees to which you feel abundance; sometimes due to your perception and other times due to the context/area you are thinking about.

Sometimes your feelings of abundance will vary - even within the same moment - depending upon your focus. For example, you can feel an abundance of joy in your family relationships while at the same time feeling uncomfortable with the level of abundance in your finances.

We have all been there.


I was thinking about abundance just the other evening as I read a social media comment from a friend.

She had created a lovely black pearl ring for me about two months ago now, to match a pendant I had, and she happened to write, “Hoping it brings you the abundance I charged it with!!!”.

How cool is that!

What an extra gift! Not only is it said a black pearl brings abundance, prosperity, success, luck and healing into your life, she charged it with extra abundance!

Then I looked back over the past two months and thought, “Whoaaaah!”.

In this short time:

  • Our school was blessed with two new administrators who are supportive in carrying on the amazing things we have been doing, as well as bringing positive, new ideas to the table
  • I had the opportunity (over three different occasions) to see all five of my out-of-state cousins, some of whom I have not seen in yearrrrrrs
  • My aunt went from facing a probable extreme amputation to needing a much smaller, less invasive amputation, and so far it has worked out
  • I co-facilitated a webinar on meditation, which reconnected me with trusted old friends, as well as connected me with new friends
  • My colleague Tracey Wright and I jumped at the opportunity to co-host a Consciously Awesome (CA) program in September and have found an assortment of venues through which to share the CA message
  • I won $10 on a 25-cent game, and then found some sweet deals on airline and lodging expenses for a recent trip


Look at that!

Abundance is alive and well in my life, sprinkling its blessings all around.

I have to admit there was a time when, if I heard folks talk about abundance, my mind connected directly to finances. It was my first consideration of where I (or others) may or may not have abundance; the area I thought was foundational to feeling abundance in life.

Now that I am more consciously aware of the many aspects of life that come together to create a purposeful, thriving life, I recognize and appreciate the touch of abundance in so many more areas.

Case in point:

I recognize the abundance that has touched my world in career, family, health, relationships, personal clarity, and finances in these past two months alone…and I am so grateful.


You might ask, “What is the secret to abundance? Is there a secret?”


Well, one thing I have learned is to be open to the possibilities.

Expand your mind to the possibilities of abundance in ‘out of the box’ areas. It might show up in your creativity with food, your ability to listen to and support others or in the appreciation others have for your way with sick animals. When you welcome (and share) abundance in its many forms, you recognize it more often in your daily life. When abundance comes to you in non-conventional ways, do not let fear stand in your way of trying or accepting it.


Another thing is to believe that you, yes you, deserve the blessing of abundance.

Sometimes when your ‘dream’ is coming true, it gets a little scary. As much as you want it, your mind begins to play tricks on you, causing you to doubt your dream, your worth, your priorities. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you do not deserve something, so therefore you should not desire or accept it. The same can be said for supporting others in attaining their dream. You deserve the experience of sharing your abundance with others. You are valuable to others.


One more thing is to remember the infinite cycle of receiving and giving.

Think of the motion you use to give and receive. It is really difficult to receive if you are always reaching out, hands already full, ready to give. Allow yourself to be empty-handed sometimes, to receive as well as give. I know for some folks this goes against your grain. But try it. You know what they say, “The more you give, the more you receive.” I like to add on to that, “The more you receive, the more you are able to give.” Abundance is a two-way street.  


Our abundance feeds others’ abundance.  


I am sure you have heard before how the Universe conspires for you.

To transform your overall sense of abundance, set forth your intention for abundance, believe, and expect amazing results.


So, again, what is one word to describe your abundance level right at this moment?

Is it at the level you dream of? Want to know how to manifest more abundance in your daily life? Reach out to me and let’s have a chat! Click on this link to schedule your free talk.


And…thank you my ring-making friend: for receiving my order, employing your creativity, and giving me not only a beautiful ring, but a link in my chain of abundance.


“Say yes to your abundance that is hunting for you.”

~Lisa LaJoie

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