Drink from the Spring of Inspiration Deep Inside You: Trust Yourself


How do we trust ourselves to navigate life’s decisions?


There are so many choices to make each day; big and small, personal and collaborative, compromising… How do we know to trust ourselves to make the ones that are in our highest interest?


This year a revelation came to me that’s had me reciting the following statement lately. It’s been powerfully transformative, creating a shift that’s changing the approach to life and reflecting back how I truly want it to look. Delightful surprises included.


This morning a prevailing shroud falls off the curtain of my subconscious, and I thank the higher power that binds me to this life for the patience and tenacity it’s taken to get to this point.


Any limitations I’ve felt in life are not from my problems, others’ problems, the world’s problems, excuses or fears I tell myself.
They stem from the base root of the greatest fear of myself. They stem from…

The fear of my own greatness


We strive to claim we know who we are, to identify ourselves in a set multitude of ways as a sense of security, self-establishment, and it’s work as we explore this unknown realm.


And then we reach a certain age where we tire of this work or are told by society that it’s time to put it to rest and contribute to society in an inspiration-cramped job. And our personal growth plateaus. Our ability to change, learn and adapt curbs, and then oh dear, life seems to get harder, more tedious or boring, and we wonder why?


By this point we’ve settled into “knowing ourselves”, smitten or so it would seem with an air of authority over what’s familiar to us. We’ve created our own reality and we’re sticking to it!


And yet reality is constantly changing, hence the itchy under-the-skin conflict we feel within our set ways. By this point, we’ve forgotten our own greatness: we never actually stop changing.


In the infinite number of ways we’re capable of being, if we continue to explore ourselves we will lose that sense of personal identity we’ve worked so hard to create. Our security blanket to feel grounded; regular; normal; it will dissolve. Familiarity, as in answering the question “Who are you?”, dissolves. Again, we will confront the fear of the unknown.

Fear is synonymous with excitement


Why else go for the jollies of a haunted house, thrill ride, or taste for the unknown in travel and new experiences, throwing caution to the wind?


Imagine, confronting a larger-than-life person starkly in the darkness of the unknown. They tower over you. They change shape into a number of forms before your eyes. The feeling of their presence is strong, powerful, and constantly shifts.


It’s uncomfortable and confusing at first being around them because you don’t know how to identify what’s in your presence to familiarize it. It’s entirely intimidating.


They make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. They send unnerving tingles throughout your body, making you ready to jump. You don’t like it. You want to run. Or to fight it. Or pretend it’s not there. You want to go back into your warm cocoon of familiar reality.


But if you stay in the darkness a little longer, and a little longer more; if you remember to just breathe, stay calm, and relax in the great presence of this being, you realize something. There’s nothing else there but a mirror: it’s been you all along, undefinable and without limitation.


This IS intimidating. You’ve felt such power, such infinite application, and now know it’s you; it’s at your disposal to do with it as you see fit. WHAT are you supposed to do with such infiniteness?


It’s no wonder we’re used to placing limitations on ourselves. Perhaps they’re a good tool to help us find direction in our lives as we go along, yet they should never become permanent.

Reality is always changing


So are we. Reality is fluid as it shifts from one moment to the next, constantly being redefined. So should we be too, since we are a part of it. It is only when we are resisting something inside ourselves that struggle manifests in our lives. If we can stay open to change in our lives and selves as a constant (i.e. personal growth), we channel the power to instantly manifest reality and our true desires.


Allow me to offer a thought to entertain: there is nothing to fear, period. There is only that to explore. The inner world (ourselves) is as vast as the outer world. Explore. Be brave. Be bold. Be gentle.


Keep moving, changing. Go at your own pace, but push yourself a little more, like you’re on a swing. Confront the capacity of yourself a little more each day and surprise yourself with what’s possible.


And be patient. Be yourself. That is to say, follow your instincts in life that invoke a resounding “YES!” feeling. Everything else will fall into place in perfect timing. I promise you.


Thank you so much for reading, you’re going to have an absolutely lovely day. Feel free to take a deep breath in here and exhale pure relaxation if you wish. You’re also welcome to jump on the springboard here and answer freely:


What new discovery did you make about yourself today?


What made you feel personally empowered today?


Who or what inspired you today, and what did you do with that inspiration?

With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.