Claim Your Authentic Self with These 4 Simple Steps

Social conditioning and old beliefs…

Throughout your life from a very young age, social conditioning and old belief systems created blocks within you, keeping you from being your authentic self and moving forward with the life you truly desire. You’ve learned that it’s ok to stretch your words to make you look good; to take things personally; to make assumptions and that your best was not good enough.


The truth is it wasn’t about you, it was the reflection of how society thought you should be.


These four powerful words can set you free…

I like to call them the 4 P’s

* Passion: An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

* Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists.

* Perseverance: Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

* Pride: A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with who one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Adapting the 4 P’s will change your life…

Let’s talk about how adapting the 4 P’s can help you grow and change your life. Once you start adapting passion, purpose, perseverance and pride, the more positive you become, the more you will succeed personally and professionally. You will experience a huge shift in the right direction.

1. Passion
When you have passion for something in your heart, stay true to yourself and always be very clear with your word. By speaking from the heart about your truth and passion, you gain momentum to excel not only personally but professionally as well. Even if you receive criticism from others, be consistent and continue to speak your truth about your passion. Also, when you’re clear with your word you build a rapport and trust with others.

2. Purpose
Along with your passion you begin to create and discover your purpose. Sometimes we are afraid to tell others about our passion and purpose for fear of negative criticism.

Criticism can hold you back from continuing with your purpose. What you have to realize is that the criticism is not really about you. It is a reflection of the people who are criticizing and their own fears that are hindering them from pursuing their dreams. They don’t want you to be successful because they don’t feel that they can be. So never take anything personal. Always be true to yourself and keep moving forward.

3. Perseverance
Once you put your passion and purpose in motion, don’t make assumptions of what others might think. It doesn’t matter what they think. What matters is how you feel in your heart. You have to keep in mind that most people who are still in that mindset of social conditioning think you should conform to how they or society says we should do things.

Because there are a lot of people caught up in this belief, we sometimes second guess ourselves and fall back into the social conditioning pattern. Don’t! Don’t make assumptions about what others think. At the end of the day what matters is that you’ve followed your heart and continued with your dream. Keep going and persevere anyway. You will be glad you did!

4. Pride
Once you’ve accomplished your passion, purpose and perseverance, you can take pride in those things. Continue doing your best. Perhaps after you implement these steps you’ll inspire others who didn’t understand your passion, purpose and perseverance. Perhaps they were afraid to implement what makes their heart sing. You can be an inspiration and mentor them, helping them grow and move forward in their lives.

Integrate these steps to create your authentic self…

Adapting these 4 steps will help you break down the barriers of social conditioning. Unblocking them will allow you to move forward and become the person that you are supposed to be. As you go through life changes you will definitely see how you are not the same person you were three years ago, a year ago or even six months ago. As you become more aware and embrace who you are, you’ll trigger your development both personally and professionally, growing by leaps and bounds during this time.

Have the positive mindset to allow yourself to receive the gifts that the Universe has provided you. So many beautiful, positive things come your way. That includes the like-minded friendships that cross your path. The right friends will enter into your life, helping to create healthy relationships. Like the old adage states, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Once you implement these steps into your life, what a paradigm shift that will be for you! Just imagine how free you’ll feel by shifting your attention to do what makes you happy and not care what others think; to follow your heart and live the life you always wanted to live. Positive thinking really changes your perspective in a profound way.

Do what makes you happy!

What matters most at the end of each day is that you’ve lived your life the way you want to. Keep learning an d growing, be open to what feels right, and you’ll prosper in many areas of your life both personally and professionally.


“When you are your authentic self, you fulfill the dream that lives in your soul” ~unknown

As I bite into my peppermint patty and it melts into the sip of coffee in my mouth, I experience the sensation of skyrocketing through the universe. I rest into the vastness of the galaxy as I feel the stars brush against my cheeks.