Are you feeling stuck and miserable at work?

Are you feeling miserable? Are you feeling stuck in your life? Well, I have to let you in on a little secret, you are not alone in feeling this way. There are a lot of people who are very miserable and stuck in their lives. It was about a year ago I was feeling very miserable and stuck in my long time career working in an In-plant printing office at a local University. The negativity and stress was taking its toll on my emotions and attitude in my job. I was burnt out, stressed out and at my wits end. I was very anxious, moody and having attitude with everything that came my way. Can I say that I was just overall unhappy at my job? It was very noticeable to my co-workers but I didn’t know how to navigate all of these things I was feeling. Even at the end of the work day I would bring these feelings home with me. This beast was consuming me and I didn’t like it. I felt like I was falling deep into a black hole trying to claw my way out. I did not like this feeling at all!

Meanwhile at the same time, I became awakened to my spiritual journey. I completed the four levels of Reiki training and became a Reiki Master Teacher. I opened a Reiki Studio at my home where I did sessions on clients and taught Reiki classes. This was my passion and my spiritual path. This does not feel like work to me. So there I was during the day about to lose my mind dealing with stress and negativity while working at a long time career. Retirement from my day job was close on the radar but yet seemed not close enough. In the evenings I was doing what I love, having Reiki sessions with clients and teaching Reiki classes on weekends. I was totally in my Zen space. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions! I was all over the place during the day and Zen in the evenings. I kept thinking there has to be some way I can keep the rollercoaster of emotions and stress in some kind of balance. But what could that be?

About a year ago my life changed beyond my wildest imagination.

I believe in divine timing. When you are at the brink of losing sense of who you are, you begin to realize the lessons that life gives you is to learn things about yourself. Once you embrace this, positive things begin to happen. This is called the Law of Attraction. What you put forth will come back to you tenfold. When you take action for yourself, awesome things begin to happen in your life.

I asked the Universe to show me something that would help me get off this rollercoaster. Not long after my request to the Universe, a fellow Ambassador introduced to the Consciously Awesome Program which is a 12-week e-course that literally transformed my life. I set up a phone appointment for a free private session to discuss the program further. I explained where I was at in my life and my careers. We talked about how the various aspects of the course would help me. I was guided in a beautiful meditation. This meditation in of itself spoke to me and was an awesome experience. It was at that point I decided that this is exactly what I needed. I felt the shift to move forward with this. This was just the beginning of my awesome spiritual journey.

The day finally came when I could get started with this incredible journey.

I was very excited and eager to get started. I was about to embark on a 12-week course that would totally transform my life. Between working through the lessons, I was guided, challenged and celebrated every step of the way of by my Ambassador of Consciousness who was dedicated to helping me find my awesome life I deserved. I began to really connect with my higher self which allowed me to become who I really am supposed to be. My confidence level soared. This course helped me navigate my life much easier and to live my life in Oneness with all that is. I am much happier. I am smiling. I can deal with the stress level much better. Even my co-workers noticed the shift in my attitude.

After completing the 12 week course I decided to go to the next level and become an Ambassador of Consciousness Facilitator. I wanted to become an Ambassador so I could share the gift that I received from the program with others. This has had a profound impact on my life!

It has been over a year since I completed the 12-week program and the Ambassador training.

With those trainings, I have been able to create the life I truly desire. I have been able to navigate decisions fluidly with ease in my personal and professional life. It allowed me to make the decision with ease to retire eighteen months earlier than I had planned. As of May 31, 2017 I will be retired from my day job so I can focus on my passions. One of which is the Consciously Awesome Program. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I had not taken that step to say yes to the this Program.

If I may offer one piece of advice?

If you are struggling with something in your life, embrace it and be open to great possibilities that are available to you. You deserve the life you truly desire in Oneness with all that is!

As I bite into my peppermint patty and it melts into the sip of coffee in my mouth, I experience the sensation of skyrocketing through the universe. I rest into the vastness of the galaxy as I feel the stars brush against my cheeks.