Wild Horses Guided Meditation


This week I recorded a Wild Horses Guided Meditation for you.  Listen in and experience feelings of limitless freedom, complete trust, and unconditionally love.


Please find yourself a comfortable seat where you will be uninterrupted for the next 15 min and click here to listen.


Below is the written version of this meditation, although the audio is worth a listen!


“Hi! This is Tracey Wright, part of the fabulous Consciously Awesome team. I thought instead of writing a blog this week, that I would take you on a Guided Meditation. This Guided Meditation actually draws on the Conscious Guided Meditation™ technique as developed by Sheila Applegate.


During this Guided Meditation, we are going to play with some wild horses. No riding experience is needed, just so you know. And I would like you to bring along your imagination and I would also encourage you to trust the process. So even you have never ridden before but feel drawn to ride a horse, know that you can in this meditation.


Alright now … settle in a comfortable seated position and start taking some deep breaths in and releasing. Allow all of the burdens from today to lift off of your shoulders and float away like puffy white clouds on a bright blue sky. They have no bearing on you at this moment in time.


Continue breathing in deeply and rhythmically, and you start to sense, know or just feel, that there’s a beautiful golden warm sun and silver blue moon encircled by a ring of white light. That golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight ever so gently pours down into the top of your head bringing harmony to all the cells or your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


Allow that golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight to continue to pour down past your eyes and your third eye, and passed your ears and inner ears, bringing balance and clarity to all that you see and to all that you hear. Continue allowing that golden warm sunlight and silver-blue moonlight to pour down and enter into your throat area filling it with this brilliant light so that as you speak, you speak the truth with love and with grace.


Continue letting that light to pour and wash over your shoulders releasing those burdens you thought you were carrying them out of love for others but you realize they are not yours to carry. You allow them to lift off of your shoulders. For just a moment, feel how much lighter your shoulders feel.


That golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight continue to pour down your arms and out your fingers so that all that you touch will feel the divine grace of your loving touch. Imagine for just a moment, placing your hands over your own heart first so that you feel your own divine loving touch first, then it goes out to the world.


That golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight continue to enter into your chest and heart area filling it with that brilliant light and feeling of unconditional love. The light finds all of the nooks and crannies that even you have kept hidden from yourself and it fills them with that brilliant light and blissful feeling. Breath that in for just a moment.


Allow that golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight to continue to pour down and enter into your midsection, just below your rib cage. There, it ever so gently moves into a figure eight, moving across your midsection. This is your emotional center and this is bringing all of your emotions into balance and into harmony. All of your emotions are valid. This is simply bringing them into balance and into harmony as that gentle figure eight moves across ever so gently.


Allow that golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight to continue to pour down and enter into your root chakras at the base of your body. This is your creation center and that golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight is just clearing out the space making that space ready for all of the perfect creative ideas and projects for you in this lifetime. Don’t worry about the to-do lists, just that your space for creativity is being cleared and open up.


Allow that golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight to pour out your tailbone and down through and out the bottom of your feet, all three points connecting right below your feet, sending out rings ever so gently around Mother Earth. You notice or feel or sense that the golden sunlight and silver-blue moonlight has enveloped the earth and pouring ever so gently through all of her layers, bringing peace and harmony to all aspects of Mother Earth, the water, the earth, the plants, and the animals. That continues through all of the layers until it reaches that fire core center.


The fire core energy rises back up through all of the layers igniting that creative energy that is Mother Earth and wraps around the earth and meets right below your feet. Pause for just a moment here and appreciate the connection that you have with Mother Earth. And how supported Mother Earth is of you. That creative source energy then draws back up the bottom of your feet and through our tailbone, meeting in your creation center, your core chakras igniting those dreams and projects and goals that are perfect for you in this lifetime. Again, no to-do lists. Just know that now you have the spark and the fuel to be able to get those projects done.


As you are reveling in this beautiful creative source energy that Mother Earth is just pouring from her core center up through and into your core being, you start to shift your attention and you notice a beautiful meadow surrounding by trees. This is the Vibrant New Earth. As you step into this meadow, you notice that the grass is the most lush blue-green color that you’ve ever seen. It’s spongy so that as you take a step you almost bounce up and come back down. Mother Earth is playing with you here, supporting you and springboarding you into your next step.


As you’re enjoying this beautiful bouncy meadow, you notice that the trees that are all around you lining this beautiful meadow, are in all stages of budding. Some are just coming out with their buds, with that very light dusty rose color is visible. Maybe some have that light yellow or very light green, as the buds are starting to come out. Other trees are completely in flower, so you have beautiful white blossoms and pink blossoms and red blossoms that are just showering these trees. Some other trees are in full summer foliage, showing their beautiful deep rich greens, lighter greens, maybe even some blue-greens in there. There may be even some trees showing their fall splendor with brilliant golds, oranges, and reds, just brilliant colors. It’s almost like the trees are showing off all of their splendors for you. Flowers are around as well.


You notice as you are walking through this meadow, appreciating the brilliance and the beauty that Mother Earth has to offer you, that Mother Nature is sharing with you, you notice a stream off in the distance. As you look closely, there are a couple of horses that are drinking from that stream. They notice you and ever so slowly start to approach you. You stay very still and wait for them to come to you. You notice that these horses have beautiful innocence. They are wild but they’ve left their wildness to be able to come and interact with you. They come bearing innocence and freedom, brilliant freedom. And beautiful loving eyes as they come and approach you, are gazing down on you. The colors are deep reds and tans of all shades, dark brown, maybe even some grey horse with some dapples of dark grey and black.


As one horse is drawn towards you, you pet their coat and rub your hands along their coat and it almost sparkles it’s so silky soft to the touch. Their mane is beautiful and flowing, maybe you might to braid some of their manes. Their tail is long and flowing.


If you choose to ride, all you need to do is ride them bareback. They lean down and allow you to get up on their back and they’re just taking you through the meadow, maybe back over by the stream. Maybe with one horse, you decide to lay in the meadow and they lay down with you. You rest your head on their back and they rest their head on your lap. You both lay there appreciating the blissful sun kissing your skin and their coat. You breathe that freedom in and that unconditional love that they are showering over you and that you are showering onto them.


Ever so gently, you shift your attention to the cells of your body, then back to this beautiful meadow with your wild horse, the one that was drawn to you. You shift your attention back to the cells of your body and coming back into the room and as you slowly open your eyes, you shift your attention back to those wild horses and to the one that was called to you, and that you were called to. Then shift your attention back into the room and take some deep breaths in and release and notice how different you feel, and how the room looks to you.


I hope you enjoyed this Guided Meditation, hanging out with some wild horses, and experiencing their beautiful unconditional love and brilliant freedom that they have to share with you.


If you find yourself stuck in traffic or stuck in a line, try to shift your attention back to playing with the wild horses. Notice how your attention and your feeling shifts after experiencing that freedom. Maybe you’ll be happy you were stuck in traffic or in line, so you could play with the wild horses.


Go back any time you choose and play with them in your dreams or in a Guided Meditation again. I hope you enjoyed this! 😊”

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