What is The Impact of Others’ Energy on You?


Have you ever noticed how someone else’s energy can impact your day?

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

~ Unknown


My boss left the other day - left as in, ‘not coming back because she moved far away.’

Between handshakes and hugs, she packed up her belongings and bid us a heartfelt “Adios”.

And do you know what?

Before her car even left the parking lot we could sense a difference in the air. A certain vibration was missing, already.

If we had not consciously realized it while she was with us, we have most certainly realized it since she has been gone: her particular vibrant, passionate, humorous, genuine, ‘we got this’ vibe had seeped into the very soul of our work community, becoming something that was reflected and amplified in each of us; something that drew us in, stretched, supported and celebrated us.

How often had we heard her say something like, “I know we have never tried this before. I know it is going to be a challenge. Let’s put our heads together to figure out how to get it done in the best way possible for our students. If anybody can do it, we can. Come on, we got this!” And all with a smile on her face and a glint in her eye that propelled us forward toward our common mission.

We had come to depend on it.

And now that vibe, being carried on through someone else, is different.

Mind you, it is not a ‘bad’ difference at all. We are in the excellent hands of our new boss now too, with his own particular vibrant, passionate, humorous, genuine, ‘we got this’ vibe.

It is just that, as you know, like snowflakes, no two vibes are exactly the same.


What is it about vibrational energy? How does it affect you?


You have probably experienced the effect of vibrational energy many times in your life:

You meet someone for the first time and you feel like you are being recharged and uplifted just by being near them. You enjoy the time you spend with them and look forward to your next meeting. Yes, please!

You meet someone else and you feel like you are being drained and weighed down just by being near them. You dread the time you spend with them and try to limit future interactions with them. No, thank you!

Two different people, two different reactions.

And an infinite number of variations in between.

Or, how about this? You are walking down the street and ‘feel’ like someone is watching you. You may not actually see them at first, but you can ‘feel’ them.

Or, you walk into a room full of people and you can tell that something exciting is about to happen. You have no idea what, and no one has said anything to make you think that, but you can feel it in the air.

See? Energy affects you.


Why does other people’s energy impact you so much?


Well, everyone (and everything) emits an invisible energy vibrating at differing levels.

You may be emitting a high vibration from a space of respect, love, joy, peace, etc., or a low vibration from a space of weariness, stress, frustration, anger, sadness, etc.

Although you may not consciously know it, your senses pick up on these vibrations and read them.

No matter what a person may say, how they appear, or what they do, their vibrational energy reveals their true self.

They may be laughing and look like they are put-together, but their energy can be saying they are sad and depressed.

Or they may be all hyped up in the moment over a basketball game, yet their inner peace and tranquility shine on.

And you, being the vibrational being that you are, can pick up on such undertones.

Being immersed in the multitude of vibrations throughout your world leaves you open to an array of experiences. You may become overwhelmed with joy, mystery, fear, sadness, frustration, anger, peace…the list goes on and on. That is because your vibrational energy is melding and mingling with the energy of those around you.

So, you may ask…


What can you do to navigate this array of vibrational energies?


Once you pick up on the vibes within and around you, you have choices to make:

You can join in the vibrational level and add to that energy.

You see what happens at concerts? Sporting events? Marches? Meetings? One happy person becomes one hundred. Or one angry person becomes one hundred. Whatever the energy, choosing to join in it amplifies its magnitude and influence, so be aware of how it may impact the world.


You can remain in that vibrational level and infuse your own energy.

Sometimes you want to try and be the influence. When this happens, you might choose to remain in the situation without attaching to that energy in order to infuse it with your higher vibrational energy.


You can remove yourself from that vibrational level and preserve your own energy.

Not feeling like being sucked in to someone else’s drama or dream? You have the freedom to remove yourself from the situation and hold on to your current energy level.


You can reflect on your personal vibrational level’s ripples.

What are you sharing with those you love, no less the world? Are you having a great day and sharing those positive vibes? Are you having a terrible day and dragging others down with your negative vibes? Whatever you pass on to others influences what they in turn pass on to others, and so on. Reflect on your energy and be conscious of how it ripples out into the world and the lives of others.


You can be the vibrational level you would like to attract.

Have you noticed how often complainers hang out with complainers, happy people hang out with happy people, stressed people hang out with stressed people, etc.? One reason is because their vibrational level is similar, and similarity breeds comfort. Be the vibration that you wish to attract.


So much is up to you.

You may not think you have any control, impact or influence over others, oh, but you do.

Being aware of and consciously choosing the vibrational energy you send out and take in is step one to shifting and raising the vibration of the whole world.

As for me, the echoes of my former boss’s “Buenos días!” are blending with my new boss’s “Good morning, Red Wolves!” into a whole new energy.

As we continue to pursue our goals with his steady, confident hand guiding us along, it is ensured that our school community will forge ahead and increasingly vibrate higher.


“Every act of love and kindness raises the vibration of the entire Universe.”

~ Unknown

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