Train Your HQ – Your Heart’s Intelligence


Deeply tucked within the harshness of jagged, snow-covered mountain peaks, likened to that of the unforgiving Hindu Kush;

Wiped away from the memory of civilization that’s become too busy to recall the heart of what drives it;

A lush, fertile valley flourishes with reassuring life.


Hidden from the “taken-for-granted” attitude of so many, who claim to know what appropriate social etiquette is;

Yet seize every waking moment to act against the greater intuition of their yearning hearts for a sense of connection to unscrupulous love;

This throbbing valley pulses with the subtle spark of life itself, carried upon the delicate breeze that’s breathed out of it, boldly traversing the intimidating peaks that threaten to snuff it out completely;

Cause if they had their way, the peaks would bury this valley from others within their calloused walls and render it a cultural myth – a stale, hollow shell of any truth it once vibrated.


Although the valley’s constitution may seem this frail, the guard of sharp-edged and wide-faced mountains only make it appear so to those outside its boundaries who’ve forgotten, are too afraid, intimidated or disinterested to see past this daunting barrier to the valley’s secrets of vital abundance;

And yet the barrier serves its purpose to protect the integrity of its vibrant life support from the outer-world’s blithe inability to appreciate the love possessed within it.


Sound familiar?

Well, even if you’re a little practiced in catching on to the symbolic language of life, you can see how the above relates to the way that we habitually protect ourselves from opening up too much to others with the love we’re looking to fall into with a ‘significant other’.



It’s a big word – and a lot of us, myself included, have to work at even learning to trust ourselves sometimes.

How can a person trust another while remaining secure; to open up well enough to receive another completely in the love they’re capable of giving, and even giving of oneself as willingly as they would to the idea of enjoying life fully?

It has to start with finding a secure, nurturing foundation of self-love –

Knowing where to find the fertile, infinite source of abundance that valley provides from within;

Knowing how to shape our personal boundaries so that we can be fluidly permeable to acts of giving and receiving that enrich one’s life.

Spending time in the valley of self-love day to day, and practicing bringing its gifts through the mountainous defenses we use to protect ourselves against the uncertainty of how the world might receive that.

Trusting oneself can be a scary thought: vulnerable to impulses, making beneficial mistakes, but also sparking life within spontaneity and creating wonder to broaden life’s experiences.

Considering the entirety of it, that sounds kind of exciting in the same breath, don’t you think?


Keep Your Heart Open

Well let’s take a pause here. Hold your breath, but feel free to exhale when you’re ready.

I don’t mean to leave you on a cliffhanger to cause your heart to skip a beat.

As we’re getting into this, you can probably feel what an in-depth subject this is.

So let this post be the introduction to an HQ series that you can read up on each Friday for the next few weeks.

We’ve taken a bird’s-eye view of the topic so far, and in the following posts we’ll dive deeper into applicable concepts and methods for exploring and activating our hearts’ intelligence.


Here’s one example of how to apply our HQ – Hearts like to speak to each other!

Heart-to-heart communication, you’ve heard that phrase before, right?

So I invite you to reach out and drop your thoughts, insights, comments and ESPECIALLY your questions related to how the heart speaks to you in the comments section below.

When you do so, I’ll address them in the following articles in this HQ series, so we can get some real-time interaction going as a part of training our HQ.

Sounds fun, right?

Be in touch with you next week!

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