Three Potholes On The Path To Enlightenment


You’re heading down the Path to Enlightenment.

Things are great! Life is Great!

Glistening crystals in hand, the brilliant light ahead beckons you forward.

Synchronicity is around every corner.

You’re meeting new interesting people who seem to have life in their pockets.

Everything feels magical.

Could life get anymore awesome?!


You hit your first pothole and you’re stuck!


It’s the dreaded THINK HOLE

(Pot Hole #1)

Wait. What’s this?

You have heard the line Your Thoughts Become Your Reality.

It is a pretty common concept on the Path to Enlightenment and on the surface it seems pretty cool.

I mean, all you have to do is control your thoughts and everything will work out exactly as you want it. That seems simple.

But is it? I mean is it really possible to control all of your thoughts?

You are an infinite and multidimensional being. Your brain is firing thoughts at a million miles per hour, harnessing them into one simple stream is nearly impossible. And is it even in your highest good?

Which aspect of you is going to control your thoughts?

What about your feelings?

If you tell yourself life is great while your stomach is heaving over concerns about paying the mortgage, is that really enlightenment?

But it seems to be working for everyone else. You’ve heard the stories, read the books, listened to the webinars, so it must be something wrong with you right? If only you could try a little harder.

Instead try this. Observe your thoughts. Acknowledge the multi-layers of consciousness running through you in every moment. Then choose where you want to place your attention.

Placing your attention on things that bring you joy is a wonderful way to create more joy. So is allowing yourself to indulge in the fears of potential outcomes that you wish to avoid. It is in taking the time to indulge in these thoughts that the power of the angst dissolves.

Ahhh That’s Better.

You understand there is power in your thoughts but you also realize you are a complicated multifaceted expression of source energy which is far more powerful than that little aspect of yourself trying to control what you think in every moment.

Still, knowing this, you choose to place most of your attention on the things that give you joy without denying the other thoughts that float by your consciousness.

Back on the Path to Enlightenment. You got this!

Woot Woot~ Ascended Mastery here we come!

THUMP! Are you kidding me?!



(Pothole #2)

What’s this you ask?

That pesky misconception that Enlightened People are happy all the time.

Surely enlightenment means no longer having to feel pain, anger, fear, and doubt.

This pothole leads to an illusion of peace that is actually just a numbing disconnect.

When you are stuck in this hole you may adore meditating but find no passion in life.

Your relationships may even be calmer, but only because you are no longer engaging in personal connection. And if you get really stuck in this hole you might have a secret wish to cross over to the spirit world full time.

It isn’t that you are depressed, you simply are losing your interest in the human experience.

No worries, we will just wiggle things around a bit and you will be back on the road to enlightenment in no time.

The thing is, when you suppress one emotion, you end up suppressing them all. Enlightenment is not living above the human experience.

Enlightenment is not ignoring your emotions. Enlightenment is embracing the full spectrum of your emotions, while at the same time remaining conscious that you are more than this momentary emotion.

Embracing the full spectrum of emotions allows you to feel passion for life.

What’s that glow I see? I do believe I can feel some passion bubbling up in your belly.

Let’s keep going. That Brilliant light at the end of the path is so close now.

Feel the Brilliant Light kiss your face. Rest into the sense of Oneness and let it penetrate every cell of your…..

OH GEEZ! You’ve got to be kidding me!


Here we go again…it’s the HEALING HABIT HOLE

(Pothole #3)

You were so close! In fact you were right there… resting into the remembrance of Conscious Oneness, when you stumbled back a bit and fell right smack into the middle of the Healing Habit Hole.

You are not the first Enlightened Person to get caught up in this hole.

You were on the Path to Enlightenment for so long it became your way of life. You forgot it was only a path and when you reached the remembrance of All That Is, you would no longer need the path.

The thing is, you really have no experience just being on earth, in full remembrance, embracing your enlightenment, with nothing to heal. It’s no wonder the experience threw you off balance for a minute.

No worries. Just dust yourself off. Remind yourself that you are a whole and complete reflection of God on earth. Nothing to fix. Nothing to heal.

Place your attention back onto the feeling of Conscious Oneness that you just experienced and let the vortex energy pull you into the center.

You may falter a bit for a while as you get your Consciousness Legs, but before you know it you will be rocking the oneness vibe and helping others get their bearings. In the meantime, there are a lot of us hanging out in the vortex of conscious enlightenment so go ahead and lean on us if you need to.

One of my favorite moments is when I gaze into my empty fridge and pantry (which happens a lot when I am immersed in a creative project) then putting odd random ingredients together, I create a delectable masterpiece.