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Validate Yourself!

Validate Yourself!

Validate Yourself! Personal Recognition. The need for approval. What that friend said about me last night. The beam in my crush’s eyes when s/he looks at me. My years of working hard for a company that has given me little to show for it. Oh my gosh – how far down the...

Something Blue

YOU FOUND SOMETHING BLUE! HERE’S THE MESSAGE THAT’S TRUE AND IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!!   Hey Hello! We’re glad you found something blue! We noticed you and we think you’re awesome! There is a brilliance to your smile that is completely unique....
Take A Vac(re)ation!

Take A Vac(re)ation!

TAKE A VAC(RE)ATION! It’s a blue sky kind of day. The tree line brushing up against it sways in a friendly motion, inviting you down a gentle hill to greet the sound of a crystal-clear river. You walk along a dirt path, salted with gems glinting in the sunlight, until...