Simple Flowetry 101

Hello fellow internet surfers,

Today I’d like to dedicate this post to what your life’s ride is coasting on. Today, I’d like to post a simple reminder to drink plenty of water.

To get you revved up and your creative juices flowing; to assist you people of logic to feel the importance of this powerful element’s sentience and movement, take this moment to irrigate the principles of water into your life by building connecting aquifers to the concept of flowetry, or in other words, living, flowing poetry.

Let’s do some anagram jammin’, shall we?


:Flower (Needs water to grow and sustain life, water helping to create beauty and abundance in the world and within our lives)

:Towel (Absorbs water when: showering, cleansing, swimming, playing, sweating, playing hard, sipping and spilling on ourselves)

:Wet (The texture, the feel & touch of the substance of water; lubricating moments in life that could otherwise be abrasive)

:Flow (The movement and spirit of water in every essence of its nature, infinitely transforming; finding the current of transformation within and around us that when we allow it, assists us to create the life we desire and surrender resistance to those undesireable aspects we must face)

:Try (The will of water’s nature, permeating every environment; smoothing rocks to sand, evaporating oceans to fly as clouds and raining back down over land where water may otherwise be scarce; removing obstacles from one’s life with patient persistence and trusting in a deep cyclical process that promotes an ever-flowing abundance)


I’m sure you may be able to wring more ideas out of this game, so feel free to keep going with it, making those connections to the constant presence of revitalizing water in your life.

Meanwhile, let’s explore some basic yet not-so-common-knowledge aspects of water that can lead you to living ever-vibrant reflections of life.

Water is life

Think of it this way:

Before the energy drinks, soda pop, all that delicious coffee and tea, humans and every other kind of life were drinking water as a fundamental basis to survive. Nowadays we have plenty of options to choose what to drink, yet our bodies and relationship to water haven’t changed. We still depend on it to continue living a vibrant, healthy life.

Our bodies are comprised of about 3/4 water, so it’s no wonder we have to keep replenishing ourselves.

When we feel parched, the truly most refreshing thing to drink is water. It promotes healthy blood flow, smooth digestion and every other kind of minuscule internal movement that our body needs to keep it going. So many of these other drinks - coffee, soda pop, tea ~ anything caffeinated or sugary, basically - actually act to dehydrate us further, agitating the body’s natural functions.

When the body’s agitated, the mind picks up on it. The brain housing mental activity is a gushy mess of watery tissue. Nerve activity constantly firing creates a LOT of heat that, if we’re not mindful, can leave us feeling brain fried. So anyone who’s not hydrating enough can also find themselves peculiarly irritable for no apparent reason, other than being dehydrated without knowing it. It can lead to headaches, feelings of sluggishness, sleepiness, sore muscles and mood swings - all symptoms of dehydration.

And with something this fundamental at the core of feeling buoyant throughout your day, a parched mouth is the last occurring sign of dehydration, so make it a point to celebrate life on a small scale with consistency and keep raising your glass or bottle in salute! to sipping throughout the day.


Water holds memory

“There are only two things you need to know about water: One, it always flows down; two, water holds memory.” ~ Ray Di Pietro - Lifelong Plumber, Traveler, and Messenger for navigating consciousness

Metaphorically speaking, water relates to a lot of things:

You must’ve heard “go with the flow,” “float downstream,” “Up the creek without a paddle” and several other references like this relating to a certain approach to life. While they certainly are true, the following is equally, if not more impacting on our lives and it is no metaphor: water indeed holds memory.

My friend Ray’s example to me was simple: Plug a bathroom sink, fill it with water. Drain it. Watch in which direction the last of it spirals down the drain. Plug the sink again. Fill it again. Swirl your hand to have it flow in the opposite direction it drained the first time. Drain the sink. Watch it flow in the direction you swirled it. Plug the sink a third time. Fill it. Drain it a third time without swirling, and watch it again flow in the direction you had swirled it previously. The water molecules on the sides of the sink retained the memory of which direction you’d swirled it before.

Next time you take a bath, which is a great way to relax, consider the retention of the memories from the previous bath experiences you’ve had in that same tub. That’s why it’s so important to create a relaxing experience each time, so the water’s memory will help promote you to reach that state more easily with every bath taken. Add a cup of Epsom salts and perhaps a few drops of your favorite essential oils to enhance your deep-cleansing, relaxing experience. I recommend lavender oil.

If you really want to delve into a world of wonder within water, research the experiments and findings of  Dr. Masaru Emoto. He explores the capacity of water’s reactions to emotions. Once you’ve read an article or two or watched a video of his, apply this concept to the fact that we’re comprised of about 3/4 of water, that it holds memory, and the emotions we must process on a daily basis.

Are you holding on to some emotions? Do you feel like you’re holding your water? Release it. Exercise to the point of sweating is a great approach to grounding and releasing anger, frustration, irritability, as well as offering a sense of stability and empowerment when processing fear and anxiety.

If you’re not familiar with it, go do a bit of digging on the somato-emotional release phenomenon. And once you’re familiar with it, does it not make perfect sense with all we know about water now?

Just like the mindfulness when entering the bath, set your intentions or prayers into the water you’re about to drink. It will match the frequency you give it with your powerful intentions.

They may look something like:

  • “I’m grateful for this water’s ability to sustain me throughout the day, assisting me to receive whatever comes my way with a clear mind, refreshed spirit, and graceful flow of acquiescence,”
  • “This water I’m about to drink will support every mental and physical effort I exert today, as well as balance the smooth flow of emotions that I experience, allowing them in and just as easily releasing them,”
  • or simply, “I am the pristine, cool water that invites an abundant flow of life, and this drink helps replenish myself.”

Be intentional with what and how you imbibe, and those intentions will reflect back out of you effortlessly.


Dragon Whiskers

In many regards, water is often symbolic of emotions. They are very similar in nature, endlessly flowing and if stagnating, tend to harbor dis~ease. That’s why it’s important to keep the flow of both going. Draw in, and release.

It is also symbolic of all else we’ve talked about, including its merging of dualistic thinking: hot water evaporates, rises, cools in the sky and becomes rain, symbolizing the continuous cycle of death and rebirth while cold water freezes into ice, denoting its presence through the full cycle of seasons each year. It’s constantly transforming its state of being.

What other concepts of duality can you see dissolving into each other, embodied by life’s universal solvent of water?

In ancient Chinese as well as Japanese myth and folklore, it was believed that certain rivers were one with the spirit of particular dragons, winding their way through mountains and valleys to pour out into the sea, drawing all forms of life to their banks, providing transportation and food for travelers and fishermen, crashing and carving new routes through the land, flowing for eons of time, indicating longevity and perhaps even immortality.

In the Spirit of these symbols and a toast to our eternal friend, I’m going to go bold enough to leave you with some handwritten liquid poetry, or flowetry, inspired by the feelings, experiences and ideas that I’ve shared here with you today. As it’s simply a drop in the ocean, please pool your thoughts, feelings, experiences and reactions in the comments section below. We can coalesce together to build a surge of inspiration and springboard for initiative.

- Dragon Whiskers

Rivers of bedlam playing in the midst of conifer forests, from deeply bedded currents to creeping upon peaks of well-spread grasses, and ‘so it goes’ as it were.

Or was it the condensation causing the stir? Thickly spotted droplets come from something cold to slightly warmer. Darkly glistening in clandestine moonlight that sweeps the shades of the canopy, barely rustling with a (whiffp pheww) deep sigh of the wind.

The North Peaks are wheezing, but the South side rush of blunder buses calling catches bushes pawing upon the banks of a flickering whitewater flow.

This permissive whisker sending mists up into the air - an expansion, a glorious sight for the stars to witness, lofting up to the heavens and barely touching in the dissolve.

And like a bomb of nightshade cascading Aurora Australis, a form of water appears from the sky oh so mystic, slickering down through atmospheres to engorge itself on the Earth’s leafy greenery, so so nimbly, and returning a surefire way - not like an arrow ->> but within infinity*.*.*.


Let those creative juices flow throughout your days and nights. Take time to appreciate this powerful liquid’s gifts and set intentions when becoming One with it, drinking and releasing it.

Instead of staying thirsty my friends, quench your thirst and stay vibrant in the infinite flow of life.



With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.