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This is Tracey Wright, one of the Consciously Awesome Team Members. For this week’s blog, I thought I would take you through a Guided Meditation and have FUN and PLAY in the Vibrant New Earth.  I’m drawing from the Conscious Meditation technique, which was created by Sheila Applegate.  Sheila and Zac Hansen are the co-founders of the Consciously Awesome Program.


I would like you to find a quiet comfortable seated position where you will be uninterrupted for the next 10-15 minutes.  As you start to breath in deeply and rhythmically, allow all of the burdens from today and yesterday to lift off of your shoulders and float away like puffy white clouds on a bright blue sky; they have no bearing on you at this moment in time.


As you continue to breath in deeply and rhythmically, you start to sense, feel, or just know there is a beautiful warm golden sun and silver blue moon above your head, encircled in a ring of white light.  As that white light starts to mix in with that beautiful warm golden sunlight and silver blue moonlight, it moves ever so gently down into the top of your head bringing peace and harmony to your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  That light continues to move down passed your eyes and third eye, ears and inner ears bringing clarity and harmony to all that you see and hear.  It then fill your throat area with that beautiful brilliant light so that as you speak, your voice is heard.


That beautiful golden sunlight and silver blue moonlight continue to pours across your shoulders, releasing all those burdens you have been carrying.  You thought you wanted to carry them for those you love, but you realize they are not yours to carry and you gently let them fall of off your shoulders.  The light continues to move down your arms and out of your fingers so that all that you touch will feel your loving touch.  For just a moment, imagine placing your hands over your own heart first so that you feel your own divine love first.


Now feel that beautiful light enter into your chest and heart filling it all of it with that brilliant light.  Rest into that brilliant feeling for just a moment and feel it through-out your whole chest area.  Now that beautiful light moves down to your mid section, just below your rib cage, and turns into a gentle figure eight moving across your midsection.  This is your emotional center and this gently figure eight is bringing all of your emotions into balance; all of your emotions are valid and you can feel how balanced they all become now.  The warm golden sunlight and silver blue moonlight move down and enter into your root chakras at the base of your body.  This is your creation center, and this energy is simply clearing the space for your creations that are perfect for you in this lifetime.  Don’t worry about what you need to do, simply allow this light to clear and balance the space and getting it ready for you.


That beautiful golden sunlight and silver blue moonlight continue to move out your tailbone and down through your legs and out the bottom of your feet connecting all three points just below your feet, then send out ripples of that beautiful light across and encircling Mother Earth.  Ever so gently that light moves through all of the layers of Mother Earth bringing peace and harmony to all aspects of her, until it reaches her fire core center.  That creative fire core energy rises back up through all of the layers, encircling Mother Earth again and meeting back just below your feet.  Pause for just a moment here to feel how connected you are to Mother Earth and how supported Mother Earth is of you.  Now, allow that brilliant fire core energy to move up through your legs and up into your tailbone and enter back into your root chakras bringing with it all of Mother Earth’s Creative Source Energy.


As you revel in that bliss of creation energy that is within and all around you, you notice in your field of vision a brilliant white light vibrating at a perfect divine frequency that is uniquely yours and is pure perfection.  As you admire that perfect divine cell, it lights up the cells around it, which then lights up the cells around those, so that soon your entire field of vision is vibrating brilliant white light at your divine frequency.  Bask in this incredible creative source divine frequency that is vibrating in and all around you for a few moments.


You start to notice that there is space between these brilliant vibrating perfect cells and as you expand your attention into that space, you realize that it opens up into a gorgeous meadow. This is the Vibrant New Earth and this is where your creativity can go explore, where your imagination can take you to brilliant places.  The grass is lush green and spongy so that as you are taking steps in your bare-feet, you bounce from one step to the next landing softly and gently. As you keep playing in the beautiful lush green meadow, there are trees around you and they are showing you their brilliance.  There’s even a rope swing, a very comfortable rope swing in one of the trees, and a hammock in another tree.  You will notice that there are gorgeous flowers with the most brilliant colors that you can imagine, even brighter than you can imagine.


As you are playing with the rope swing, or playing in the meadow, playing in the grass, the sun is gently caressing your skin, there’s a gentle breeze and maybe some butterflies that are flitting into your field of vision.  As you look up at the sky there are some clouds that are forming into shapes as you’re noticing them.  This is where you get to HAVE FUN!  You are you but you are your most brilliant self.  If you wanted to be taller or have a different shape, this is where you get to explore that with freedom.  Expand your imagination and allow yourself TO BE your most brilliant self.  If you want to be younger playing on the rope swing, laying on the hammock, feeling the gentle breezes, or rolling down the meadow hills, feeling the grass, enjoy yourself here.


As you are playing, really basking in this limitless freedom and your brilliance, maybe you want to bring some friends or family members to join you, or maybe you want some peace and quiet for yourself to bask in the quiet freedom.  Play here to your heart’s content.  There are no rules.  All of your needs are met and you are perfectly safe.  You get to explore all aspects of how you imagine you could be or want to be. Know that this is you.  You are brilliant just the way you are.  This is simply your time to play and to try on different ways of being, if you like.


Play to your heart’s content in the beautiful Vibrant New Earth.  Remember: if you want a beach chair, it’s right there; if you want a hammock, it’s right there; all that you need is right there.  Play as long as you like here.  When you are ready to come back, tune in to the sound of my voice and shift your attention to the cells of your body and bring that freedom, that joy, and that expansion into the cells of your body.  Ever so gently, take some deep breaths in and release, and open your eyes.  Before you notice the room around you, shift your attention back to the Vibrant New Earth and how you felt whether you were bouncing in the grass or if you were rolling down the hills or climbing the trees or hanging out in a hammock, shift back to that feeling with your eyes open then back to your body.  Now notice the room around you.


I hope you enjoyed this Play Time Guided Meditation.  It’s a great opportunity to remember these feelings of limitlessness and freedom and joy when when you’re stuck in line.  Or when you’re having a disagreement with someone, listen to this meditation again and bring them in to play with you in the Vibrant New Earth and have fun with them.  Or if you’re stuck in traffic, shift your attention to the Vibrant New Earth and imagine that all the cars are flying around like the in the Jetson’s show.  I hope you enjoyed this and that you have the opportunities to use this to make the time or the situations a little easier and more free for yourself.


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