Listen To That Voice In Your Head


It entertains you with curious and humorous thoughts. It gives you a sense of knowing what’s in your best interest without exactly knowing why. It may not always make sense at times, but you can trust and take confidence in listening to the guidance it provides.

Sometimes it’s like looking through a keyhole to give you just enough incentive to open the door of opportunity at your own discretion:

Barge right in without a hint first and you could be overwhelmed with a flood of information you aren’t ready for, so the transition is rough.

Don’t even bother listening or looking in and you might pass right by that door of opportunity without being aware of its gifts; its insights; the experience; the roundabout path to your goals that could actually be a shortcut or deeper beneficial support.


What to make sense of what? …What?

The frequent question that gets asked here is… Which voice am I supposed to be listening to?

Yes, it is quite normal…first of all, to acknowledge that we do hear a ‘voice’ or even ‘voices’ in our heads. We could call it the subconscious mind, our intuition, moral compass, a higher form of understanding beyond our daily mental processes, or even a mental disturbance.

Voices To Pass On

With a mind that races all the time and keeps one up at night, the voices here can be considered a mental disturbance. No worries though, it probably doesn’t mean you’re going crazy with schizophrenia. No, all in all it simply points to how much you have weighing on your mind, your over-concern or worry about something, or the reiteration of tasks and to-do’s as a sense of security and control. It’s not an ideal state of health, but it still happens to the best of us. The more you start addressing your real needs, these voices will begin to dissolve.

Voices To Weigh In

Then there are those voices that assess, size-up, judge and assume the people, events and stories that envelop our lives. There are a variety of differences here that could validate or discredit what these types of voices are trying to tell you.
A good idea is to balance out the validity of what they’re telling you with how you truly feel – once you have such a thought or ‘hear’ such a ‘voice’, check in with your heart.

Is this how you’d appreciate someone thinking about you?

Is it at least constructive if being critical?

Does the way of this thinking make you feel good?

If yes, perhaps you’re tapping into some subtle observations or a glint of intuition that’s providing you with some juicy, extra information in a situation. If the answer to these questions is no, perhaps it’d do you well to let them go. Allow your mind to stay open and your perspective to change, to move onto something else that does make you feel good, because that’s what’s important, right?

Voices To Heed

So those voices we hear that we know are in our better judgement, but don’t always listen to, like, “Don’t spend your money on new clothes when you’re trying to save up for that family trip,” or “Give yourself time to rest, you’ve been working so hard,” hey, they’re easy enough to acknowledge. These are in your best interest. You know it deep down…

Deep down… THAT’S where you can tell that these ‘voices’ are trying to tell you something you REALLY should be listening to. Next time you hear them, go for it, try something different and follow through with their guidance. They usually follow a pattern of feeling resistance at first (because it conflicts what we impulsively want or don’t want with what we know deep down we actually want or need – that sense of what’s truly in our best interest).

Voices To Explore

This is where the fun happens.

Sometimes you may find yourself hearing messages, words, or getting voices or imagery that doesn’t really resonate any particular significance to you at first. So what do you do? You brush it off, naturally – just some off-color nonsense that your brain is shedding from so much excess stimulation in this information age of ours today. But then it repeats in your mind over and over again, or even still, just the initial thought is so strange that it makes you wonder, “WHERE in the world is this coming from??

Since we do live in the information age, I highly recommend taking full advantage of the online resources that you have at your fingertips to research these words or thoughts when they come to you, no matter how abstract or obscure they may present at first.

These nuances (not nuisances!) are the keys that fit into those keyholes you’ve been made privy to. They can lead to drastic, positive and life-changing events in your life, opening you up to worlds you may have never thought possible, or deep insights you’ve only entertained that then emerge into the reality of your world. Simple magnificence. They can help change your perspective or enlighten you in a way that your normal patterns wouldn’t have allowed you to access before.

So the next time you find yourself wondering, “Where the heck did that thought come from?!”, look up its meaning or associations. You might just be embarking on a new pathway of your life’s journey that speaks to your very soul, or providing a conduit for your soul to voice itself. At the very least, you might just gain a new collective of thoughts to color and broaden your current perspective. Go ahead, don’t be shy, give it a try.


Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about when I say to explore those strange voices. Not too long ago, I had this word, ‘litany’ pop up into my head and I thought, “That’s strange, I don’t even know what that word means or if I’ve even heard of it before.” So what did I do? Ignore it, naturally.

But it wouldn’t be ignored so easily.

That word kept repeating itself in my head over the next three days. I thought, “How can a word pop into my head that I’ve never even seen or heard of before?”

And I wanted to dismiss it still, saying to myself, “Oh, silly mind of mine, what nonsense you offer. Thanks and let’s move on.”

- To the point that I let go of what resistance I had left and decided to look up its meaning. According to, litany is defined as:

“In many religions, a ritual repetition of prayers. Usually a clergyman or singer chants a prayer, and the congregation makes a response, such as “Lord, have mercy,” in Christianity.”

So this theme of repetition in my mind and this word’s definition I found was adding an ironic flavor to my experience. And within the berth of that simple research to this mystery, a prominent sense of the need to write overcame me and I flicked my fingers over to a blank new page.

This voice had something to say, and I was about to receive an important message, so it felt.

I share this message with you below in its original integrity as it came through me. I had no time to think of the words, in fact they came so quickly that they just as well skipped my thought process and poured out my fingers.

You will notice a mention of God, and if this word or sense of a higher power makes you uncomfortable, each time you read it, simply replace the word with the idea that we have about 7 billion roommates to share space with on this big, earthly home and when we pour our resources together, we create amazing, unfathomable things, relationships, advances in culture and society, and remembrances of our vast capabilities.


I love you. You are my heart, my soul, my shining star.

We are One, bereft of judgement upon one another, enclosed in the cosmos to one another by the womb of God.

God is all around us, and importantly to remember, it comes from within us. We are made up of it, as is everything. God is always with us, and so we are never alone.

Now is the time. Now is when we are to embrace this knowing, meaning we must let go of the past like a tree faithfully lets go of its leaves in the Autumn, assured of its renewal of new blossom in the Spring.

Now is the time to embrace the power, grace and gifts that God has planted in each and every one of us. To nourish these seeds of hope and humbly wield these gifts, we must take care of ourselves first. Once we learn to confidently and consistently take care of ourselves, to nourish our positive attributes, we may then effortlessly support all life around us – through example; through inspiration; through collective consciousness and implicit connection to each other through the binds of our true nature.

God has spoken, as we speak these words and whisper them to ourselves and each other, for we are all God. We love ourselves. We love each other. It is done.”

Revel, revel, revel in yourselves, magnificent people! Shine and keep smiling on, even in a smirk or when it hurts. There is support out there for you no matter what. If you can’t quite remember it within yet, here’s a virtual pat on the back to reflect how well you’re doing. Go spread it!



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With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.