How to Conquer Chaos in Four Easy Steps

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in the constant demands, noises and uncertainty of our world?

You wake up determined that you are going to be in-tune with whatever comes your way.

You feel inspired.

Chock full of positive energy.

You’ve got this…nothing’s going to drag you down today.

Possibly your best day ever!

You have it all mapped out in your mind: if this, then that.

The next thing you know…bam!

Here comes life and there goes your balance.  Your spunky confidence begins to falter.


What can you do?

How can you maintain your peace?

How can you remain fantastically calm in the thick of chaos?

These Four Easy Steps will help you conquer the chaos and maintain your peace:


1. Find an inspirational quote to live by

A quote or saying that sparks peace in your soul will serve as a reminder of how you aspire to be.

Hang it on your mirror, sticky-note it to your car window, post it as your screen saver, hide it in your lunch bag…throw it out there everywhere you can and it will become natural to call to mind when you start feeling overwhelmed.

One of my favorites is, “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” (Unknown)


2. Take a two minute vacation

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize one of your favorite moments. What is it that makes this moment so special for you?

Is it the sounds, smells or sights that call to you?

Is it the memory of feeling warm sun on your face or cool breezes across your arms?

Is it the feeling of trustworthy muscles in your legs?

Perhaps it is a smile or a hug or a word?

Revisit this special moment, feel your cells respond.

Ahhhhh…open your eyes, carry that moment into your present, and notice how things shift.


3. Do something you love

I know, this can seem impossible.

When the day is already super-crazy, how are you supposed to find time for that?

Taking a few minutes to do something you love can save you time in the long run.

It re-calibrates you and helps you to refocus on the important tasks in front of you.

Jump in the car and sing away at the top of your lungs!

Walk home barefoot! Hit a bucket of balls.

Buy yourself an ice cream.

Buy a stranger an ice cream!

Play with your dog.

Listen to your favorite music.

Read something mind-stretching.

Grill up a delicious meal.

Personally I like to hop in my car and drive some quiet back roads, just taking in the sights and sounds and whatever lies around the next bend. I always feel a little lighter and happier after one of these adventures.


4. Meditate

If you have never tried meditating, you are missing out on some scientifically-proven benefits. Did you know that meditation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your sense of well being
  • Improves relationships
  • Reduces physical and emotional pain

These will help you live a balanced, peaceful life.

Beginning your day with meditation, sneaking in a mini mid-day meditation, or wrapping up your day with an evening meditation is an excellent way to empower yourself.

There are many meditation techniques to choose from, and they offer differing experiences. I have tried several. One that really resonates with me is the Conscious Meditation™ technique. It takes meditation to the next level with its purposeful, vibrant, guided imagery, interactive-ness, and infused vibrations.


We all get caught up in the chaos of the moment. We all feel overwhelmed at times.

But you don’t have to feel trapped and paralyzed in that energy.


There are ways to break free of the chaos and maintain your peaceful balance, and…You can consciously choose them.

These four easy steps will transform your days and shift your perspectives to help you conquer life’s chaos!

Which of these Four Steps help YOU conquer chaos?

If the sun is shining, my Crosstrek is calling me to fill up her tank, throw open her sunroof, and head for the back-roads. With wind in my hair, I smile at everyone I see. Grace smiles back at me (even through the trees).