Feel The Science In Spirituality

Ladies and Gents young and old, squids, squirms and pachyderms, One and All, I welcome you on this journey to explore a merging of worlds. From this benchmark of civilization, as you read this on your screen in a comfortable place to sit, I invite you to take a virtual walk with me on one path of many to discover and experience the transformation we and our world are going through.

Maybe you’ve felt the turbulence already. Maybe you’ve already witnessed and participated in the synchronizations, but felt left to wonder what it means, what’s actually going on, and what you could do to streamline it all. After all, in some way, do you think that’s what could’ve brought you to read up to this point?

As we move through the vibrations that rock our world, whether shaking to the rhythm, earth-quaking or oscillating in an old chair, on this path of remembering something vaguely familiar yet different, I’ll be your temporary guide to point out avenues and tools ripe for the plucking to stow for yourself when you feel you need to come back to this remembrance.

Gathered here…Whoa! HEY! You in the back, put your phone away! Unless of course that’s what you’re reading this from… Just before we embark past the gateway here I want to impress that the key to fun traveling is to keep what you carry light. The tools which I mentioned are simply a method to remind you of your truths. But filling up your bag with tools gets heavy to continue carrying, so keep mindful of when the right time is to let them go too.

To put it metaphorically (and metaphysically, hey!), you use many rungs (tools) to build a rope bridge (process of transformation), but once it’s complete, the rungs transform to become something else entirely. Hang with the change, kids! And once you’ve crossed that bridge, you can thankfully let go of it all.

You do make it across, despite the rocky vibrations along the way. And when you move into the merge of worlds on the other side, you won’t even need a bag. You can draw upon this place with all your physical senses as well as your imagination.

Feel it – the creative license of freedom to express yourself from a loving place of passion.

It’s a place where science and spirituality bend and blend to meet each other in a new dance of being together. The goal to walk on with goes beyond using the conceptual as tool to experiencing the actual – simply Be-ing it, full monty.

Let’s do some foot-jammin’, shan’t we?

The Vortex - Being in it


With relation to the movement of the energy of the Vortex, let’s consider the metaphysical force created through the Earth’s electromagnetic core, the tilt of its axis, its constant rotation, as well as its orbit around the sun.

Now let’s consider the energy generated from that in suspended animation, and how while the Earth herself is one representation of Life from that energy created, it nurtures all other representations or perhaps even extensions of that Life Force through various physical forms on its surface, i.e. plants, people, animals, insects, bacteria, and yes, even rocks, crystals and minerals.

Going into the concept and feeling of the Void ‘holding’ space (and shape) of the Vortex at its very center (the black hole, as you might hear it referenced), we’re approaching a point of singularity as we move closer to the center and expression of infinity. This conceptualization compliments the feeling of the movement of energy therein – the suspended animation of perpetual spinning of the Earth in rotation and orbital revolution – that becomes self-generating.

Rather than the sense of needing to regenerate oneself because of the endurance required to move through the Vortex, particularly when out of alignment with Source – Source: both the God center of Earth and All That Is, which are truly One In The SameWE, as Beings of conscious remembrance of our truth, are also fractal reflections of this same self-generating Vortex energy form and system.

So where may we find the Void within ourselves then? How do the concepts and sensations related here correspond to our particular human form and individual sense-of-self, (living from a state of Conscious Oneness on physical Earth)? How can we apply this understanding to individual and inseparable Life while co-creating here on Earth?


The Vortex - Be-ing the Vortex

In the CA program, the Void is mentioned as the space between the cells from which all Creation energy is birthed. Found within the study of the Chakra System, we see that there is a ‘Void Chakra” that is not actually a chakra in itself, but encompasses the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. The Sacral Chakra is known as the creation center, from which all our inspirations are manifested into the physical world, mirroring the Void’s character that’s referenced in the CA program.

Also note the shape of the diaphragm muscle (a vortex that expands and shrinks in a disc shape), located at the Solar Plexus – governor of respiration, which we do consciously or unconsciously from birth, throughout life, to our last moment on Earth. The diaphragm associatively directs the health of our blood, related to the life force of Chi and the circulatory system, nourishing every single cell of our body.

The sphincter muscle, specifically referring to that particular shape and movement, is a form that’s actually found throughout the body – the diaphragm is a sphincter muscle. The throat, small and large intestines, on either end of the cecum that sits just before the anus all contain sphincter muscles, as well as within the arterial walls to help pump the blood throughout the entire body (carrying that life-sustaining oxygen, whose constant flow is generated by the diaphragm and its Vortex-shaped movement). These organs and systems containing the sphincter-shaped muscles move vital substances throughout the body.

Chakra vortexes of the human body

Electromagnetic flux representation of Earth, Sun, and atoms

In our physical body, as well as the energetic bodies of the Chakras, acupressure and meridian systems, within atoms, black holes and galaxies, the vortex (tornado) shape is found throughout. Remembering as well, within every vortex there is a void at its very center. The void is so important, holding the space of “nothingness” to perpetually sustain the generated movement of the vortex field around it, also from which everything and anything can be created/birthed, supported and energized by the movement and energy within the vortex field.

Acupressure point (top) linked to a meridian (bottom)

Now that we know we have micro to macrocosmic fractal reflections of this vortex shape within us from physical to energetic forms, and that we’re remembering the Earth’s Vortex we live within, realizing, manifesting that we are the same reflection, and that of the Universe as well, we can see how WE ARE all ONE from a complimentary scientific standpoint.

The CA program and its guided meditations are so advantageous to help us integrate the various frequency exploration of All That We Are from an energetic or vibrational approach, serving us in realizing our purpose and goals. It’s integral process will tap you into your imagination to assist in balancing the emotions, bringing more FUN into your life, manifesting your truest desires and forming divinely down-to-earth relationships. That’s just barely the surface.

And what a perfect time to take a break in this exploratory tour to bring your attention over to the right, where you can find Mariesa Dranschak under the Consciously Awesome Tree, offering to sit down with you over a virtual cup of coffee and talk more about this wonderful avenue. Feel invited and encouraged to ask her anything you like, get to know the program more, and decide if you’re ready to live in the creation of a life of wonder from your very own hands and heart. She’s got plenty of experience to share.

And once you’ve taken the time to do that, we’re going to move a little further down the path of Universal reflection to see what other approaches can compliment the soul generator of the CA program with everything we’ve learned so far.

The question comes,

What physical exercises could we incorporate to align with, compliment and facilitate this journey?

Reference The Deer Exercise of Taoist origin that involves sphincter-flexing practices, same as Keigle exercises, promoting overall health of the body. Also Kundalini and Qi Gong (and other) breathing practices, engaging our diaphragm and core center. Shiatsu massage. Acupuncture. Ayurveda. TCM.

All tap into the interconnected systems of our body via the physical and energetic vortexes contained within. All promote physical, mental and emotional balance, health, peace, as well as greater concentration, clarity, relaxation, improved breathing and circulation. The benefits of all of these support a heightened, more fluid and enjoyable life experience each and every day.

Take the visualizations you’ve discovered here today and apply them in meditation. See the vortex within your body. Feel the movement of the energy within it while you remain still from the space within your core. Follow the movement with your inner attention as you breath rhythmically, sensing it wash over, within and throughout your entire body. Feel the peace that comes with it. Feel the swell of energy generating within you that you can now apply to any area of your life that you wish! Know that this energy is what connects all of us together, shared from one to another, from the core of Earth to the Heavens, supporting and sustaining all forms of life.

With the application of the CA program infused into our daily experience, we learn or are guided to remember, rather, to sustain ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually centered – consciously connected to Source – from alignment within the center of the Vortex (holding ourselves sustained in the Void, the nothingness, we become the expression of that suspended animation where co-creation becomes effortless).

The co-creation, instantly manifesting our deepest desires in alignment with All That Is, becomes effortless because we are supporting ourselves (as well as others, the Earth, and in turn the Universe) from that space within the center of the Vortex. And in that space, from the Void as we recall, all of creation is birthed. We are the Creator and the Created, simultaneously and perpetually manifesting and being influenced by that manifestation, synchronistically and symbiotically ever-changing, the spontaneous life spark.

With an Ace up my sleeve for manual magicianry, the Love wielded unconditionally makes transitioning effortless alongside multilevel and lingual communication – of which I prefer calm quiet the most, since listening is the key that opens doors to anyone’s personal gain.