Anything Is Possible When You Believe In Yourself!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” ~ Christian D. Larson

Throughout our lives, many of us have been told that we are ‘not good enough’ or we do not ‘have what it takes’ to do the things in life we dream of. So many of us have fallen into that trap of letting others dictate what we can and cannot do.

The truth of the matter is, yes, we can do what we choose to do if we believe in ourselves. We have the ability to create anything we set our minds to do.

We all have dreams that live in our soul just waiting to be let loose. Don’t listen to the naysayers! What matters most at the end of the day is believing in what makes you happy. You are the master of your fate, you are the master of your soul. Don’t let others dictate how you should live your life. Believe in yourself and keep moving forward!

Start believing in yourself…

  1. Write a list…
  • Make a list of things you have overcome and what you have accomplished. An example might be working through the fear of what others may think of you and getting to the point where you are comfortable with who you are, not caring what others think.
  • Keep adding to your list of accomplishments. Having a visual of a list in a place you will always see it is very empowering.

  2. Change your perspective…

  • Reprogram your thoughts from all the negative opinions you have heard from others. Turn your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Focus on positive things in your life that make you happy.
  • Speak daily affirmations of what you are grateful for, such as, “I will be confident in everything I do today!” Speaking daily affirmations is very empowering, helping you stay positive.

  3. Challenge yourself…

  • Create opportunities to prove to yourself that you do have the ability within. Who you think you are was defined by other people. Again, it is just their opinions. Start small by taking a class or a workshop that teaches you to build your confidence level in an area that you consider is a weakness.
  • Work up to something greater, such as learning something completely new or starting up your dream business. Do things that scare you to build up your confidence muscle. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

  4. Set goals for yourself…

  • Set small, short-term goals to prove to yourself that you can accomplish what you set your mind to do. Work up to bigger goals to achieve your dreams.

  5. Live up to your own goals…

  • A lack of confidence comes from chasing other people’s goals and not your own. Live up to your own expectations to pursue your own dreams.
  • Use your own talents, skills and gifts to create your heart’s desire in serving the world. When you use your own unique style for your creations, the right people will resonate with you and respect you for your gifts.


Trust and love yourself…unconditionally. Never give up. Keep trying and trying again…

You probably spend a lot of time being your own worst enemy instead of being your own best friend. Shift your perspective to being your own best friend. After all, you have the rest of your life to be with you.

Think of it this way - would you project mental abuse or criticize others in your life? Would you let them suffer in their time of need? If not, why would you do this to yourself? Be gentle and kind to yourself, as this process takes time.  You are worthy and more capable than you give yourself credit for.

In all honesty, self-doubt really never goes away entirely. You will learn to adjust to it better over time. It will be right there to greet you every time you fall away from your comfort zone or try to achieve something great. Honor it, let it go and keep moving forward.

Self-doubt is not something to fear or resent. These doubts are just your thoughts, not your future. Yes, things may go wrong, but if you never try you may be losing out on great opportunities to improve your life.

In the end, you only regret the chances you did not take. Be yourself, be pleasant, play hard and have no regrets. When you are your authentic self, you fulfill the dream that lives in your soul.

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself!


I welcome your thoughts!  Please leave a comment below.


“Be humble, believe in yourself, and have the love of the world in your heart.” ~Michael Jackson

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