Acceptance Can Make The World A Better Place!

“Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Acceptance is the most important manifestation of love.

It all starts with you!

When you accept and love yourself unconditionally, you can accept and love others unconditionally without any judgement. Until you change the perspective of yourself, you are caught in the trap of old beliefs that were instilled in you to judge others instead of seeing them for who they really are.

As defined on

Acceptance: noun  ac·cep·tance  /əkˈsɛpt(ə)ns/, The process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable.
‘Receiving them was a mark of acceptance in a social group.’

As Rasheed Ogunlaru, a leading life coach, motivational speaker and business/ corporate coach states, “If you are going to judge others, it is wisest to do so individually, not collectively, and on your own direct experience of them personally.
But first - and throughout - examine yourself closely.
Blurred vision can often occur due to the lens: perspective and perceptions of the viewer projected onto the object that it sees.
Be wary of taking to the judge’s seat.
Above all, meet at treat yourself and everyone else mindfully, compassionately and with humanity.”

Take a good look at yourself…

When you step back, take a look good at yourself and figure out why you judge others. Really get to the root of where this belief comes from and let it go; then you will be more accepting of others.

Judging others is an easy way out of dealing with your own pain. It diverts you from the responsibility of judging yourself. When you spend time judging others, you are not allowing yourself time to heal from your pain. Love cannot come from the space of pain so therefore they cannot reside harmoniously together.

You may observe that other people have negative or positive experiences in their lives.

You witness a friend getting judged by someone because of how they look or how they act and you may think to yourself “oh that would never happen to me!” Never think that it could never happen to you. Life has it’s twists and turns and BAM - you find yourself experiencing the same thing.

Ahhh…clarity of yourself…

When you are taught the same lessons of life that taught others, you begin to have much more clarity as to what made them become who they are; you appreciate them more and you have higher regard for them. Once you have healed your pain, your perspective of others focuses much better. You become much more accepting and tolerant of others.

A few tips to help you with acceptance…

* Set your intention – be mindful to shift away from a world of blame, doubt and judgement. Expand your thinking to tolerance, acceptance and trust.
* Forgive and love yourself unconditionally – old belief systems can hold you back from accepting yourself as you are. Let go of it; forgive yourself and move on towards a happier life for you and others.
* Honor your strengths – avoid negative self-talk and focus on your strengths. Write down some of your strengths such as, “I am very helpful to others”.
* Consider your tribe – Take a look at the people in your life. Ask yourself questions such as: Who treats me negatively? Who enables negative self- talk? Perhaps it is time to walk away from those negative people.
* Understand that acceptance is not surrendering – it simply means that you are letting go of the past and honoring the things that are out of your control. It is very empowering to be able to focus your energy on the things you can control.

The beauty of life…

Once you have honored the acceptance of yourself and others, you will begin to have a much clearer picture, unquestioning yourself or others and without judgement. You will be much happier and grounded within yourself. You will come to the mind space of living and let live.

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I will leave you with this thought: if you have to judge at all, judge with LOVE. <3

“Learn to see past the flaws and you will understand the perfection of the Universe.” ~ Ka Chinery

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