Are you feeling alone, uninspired and frightened about our world?

We are a team of individuals dedicated to filling this world with super humans! We think humans (yes all of us) have far more potential than we realize so we are calling out our awesomeness and giving it a voice!

We have dedicated our lives to living in conscious awesomeness… and we (selfishly) want more awesome people to play with, so we are inviting you to our super consciousness party!

At Consciously Awesome, we share inspiring messages to illuminate that dormant awesomeness within you. We share our insights and experiences to spark your inner excitement and fan those flames of hope. So, you can discover the super human aspects of yourself then practically apply them to create the strongest version of yourself.

How does becoming a super human remodel our world?

We believe consciously claiming our individual Awesomeness helps transform our world.

Basically, the more people who claim their brilliance the more brilliant our world becomes.

We imagine in a world where humanity consciously claims its inner awesomeness, there will be no need for aggressive discrimination. The plot of conflict will dissolve and collaboration will come into play. Creativity will be our new motivation.

Meet the Creator

Hi I am Sheila.

The quote I chose for my senior yearbook picture was “I will be me as soon as I find her”.

I am proud to say, three decades later, I adore the me I found!

Each step I took towards claiming my inner awesomeness inspired me to help others do the same!

The intersection of my drive for authenticity and desire to help others, led me to become a Clinical Therapist, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher/Channel, Award Winning Author, and Radio Show Host.

Still, my greatest success has been raising two outstanding millennials! I Continue to work towards making our world worthy of their brilliance. Which is why I created the 12 week Consciously Awesome E-course and Coaching Program, which is the foundation of the message we share with you here.

Sheila Applegate - Consciously Awesome Founder

Meet the team…

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