What Happens When You Go With The Flow of Time?


How often have you really thought about time?

About a month ago I participated in Zac Hansen’s and Sheila Applegate’s “Fractal Illumination” gathering, a one-day (haha!) cellular energy activation experience.  I chuckle because yes, the actual event is a mere four-hour affair, but the actual effects of the activations seep through time and space indefinitely to seamlessly shift your reality.

For me the shifts are playing out in the realm of time.

At first, I noticed it in the “little” things…

I lost track of the time.

I lost track of what day it was (I’ll see you tomorrow, thinking Thursday, when it is already Thursday today! And does it really even matter what I call it, if in my mind I know that I am talking about “the next day”?!)

Then those ways became grander…

I lost track of what week it was (I was going back to school in two weeks…or no! Oh my gosh! In four days!)

And grander…

I lose track of what month it is, and even what season it is. I am in the waning moments of summer, having enjoyed every moment of it, and yet the other day I thought that I was just finishing up spring and looking forward to summer.

I am waiting to lose track of the years next.


Time seems so fluid to me, so unable to be pinned down, that it is holding less and less significance for me.

I am experiencing glimpses of living in the NOW, living for and in the moment as it is playing out in front of me. Appreciating the NOW. Understanding that ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ and ‘3:30’ and ‘next month’ are extensions of this moment and thus, part of my NOW.

I am realizing that time expands to encompass all.


And yet…

In these same moments that ‘time’ is losing its hold on me (or am I losing my hold on time?) the concept and constraints of time are grasping at me tighter and tighter.

The looser my own sense of time grows, the more time is demanding I pay attention to it.

I am back at work now, and every day seems to be a race to see how many emails I can receive and respond to, how many folks need our schedules sent to them ‘yesterday’, how many trainings I need to attend on such-and-such dates, and how many surveys I need to complete by this date.

Meetings, schedules, arrival, dismissal, deliveries, assessing, some of the many things that need to happen in a precise timeframe in order to successfully fit into the system.


I want to stop the world.

Or rather, I want the world to notice the NOW.

These past few weeks I am playing a tug-of-war with these divergent perceptions of time.

And as I am experiencing this tug of war, I am also observing/reflecting on how well my physical self in this physical world is integrating this new experience with time.


How do I navigate the discrepancy of fluidity and structure in regards to time?

Time is the man-made measurement that provides structure.

It is needed in order for our world to operate as it is set up to operate right now.

I get that.

But I also get that there is more to it than hours, dates, and deadlines.

It is an infinite spectrum of NOWness.


To continue deepening my experiences and understanding of this spectrum of time, I explore integrating some of the magic of time expansion into this physical world we are in.


Become fluid in the moments: I focus more on going with the flow than trying to control it all. This helps me to feel less stressed and more confident. I know that what needs to be accomplished will be. Maybe not in the time-frame desired or expected, but in perfect timing within the universe.

Allow spirit/intuition to guide me as far as priorities: In order to help choose what to do first, next, next, etc. I allow myself to consider the options, tuning in to nudges toward one thing over another. This helps the to-do lists to seem less daunting and more achievable.

I organize the steps, break tasks into manageable chunks: By thinking things through and breaking things down into baby steps I am more focused and clear on my next steps, thus freeing up more time for other things.

Purposefully incorporate moments of appreciating NOW: I purposefully set aside time to reflect on and appreciate the NOW. Whether it is stepping away from what I am doing and taking a breather, or just really immersing myself in what I am involved in and appreciating the fact that I get to be in that moment, doing that thing, I consciously choose to notice the NOW.


How is it working?

Well, I am being given many opportunities to practice “going with the flow”, that is for sure!

The other night as I was trying to post this blog a huge thunder storm came through the area. It knocked my power out for the evening, disrupting the schedule I had set for myself.

Seeing as I could not do anything techy, I moved on to other things I could still do.

Go with the flow.

Also, in some ways I feel like time is bending for me, in that I look at the clock at 7:40 am, get going on one task, and the next thing I know it is 4:00 pm. In a wink of the eye and by the end of the day I am amazed at all that has transpired in what seems like such a short time.

In the same breath, I am equally amazed at how I feel the day doesn’t hold nearly enough minutes to accomplish and enjoy all that I want to.

But by listening to my intuition and making purposeful choices I continue to explore this concept of time-expansion and going with the flow.

I am determined to hold on to the sense of fluidity and living in the moment as much as I can.

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