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The Consciously Awesome Brand Story


Be Real


Claim Your Awesomeness

“I call out people’s awesomeness and give it a voice”

The Consciously Awesome brand story is a journey/adventure/exploration for people to embark on to reach heights never thought possible. It is an ongoing message that helps people (ideal audience) recognizes their inner awesomeness that they have been ignoring or unsure of in some fashion or another.

It is an inspiring message that illuminates that dormant awesomeness within people and when they here that dormant voice that they have not given themselves permission to claim they are going to be excited and filled with hope and they will relax and take the journey when they understand they are not alone.

The Consciously Awesome story is a story of the transformation that our people wish to experience and that we deliver.

By showing up consistently and embodying these guidelines our story create trust, enthusiasm and a powerful understanding of what the Consciously Awesome Program offers people and how people can expect to experience the journey them self’s.

Inspired Purpose (The Why)

Why does Consciously Awesome exists and how does it makes a difference?

Consciously Awesome exists to naturally guide people through being able to embody an intellectual, emotional, physical, and practical life of ascended consciousness. People will develop a skill set to receive their own answers and guidance for living in conscious oneness based on individual needs.

Inspired Vision (The What)

How will the world will look when the Consciously Awesome Purpose is realized?

It will dissolve Generationalism. We (Humanity) will move into a creative age. By giving the Consciously Awesome tools to the world there will be no need for war. The plot of conflict dissolves and collaboration comes into play. Creativity will be our new motivation. Creative people don’t kill.

Consciously Awesome Core Values

Creativity, Alignment, Super Consciousness, passion for physicality, collaboration, self-honesty or inner truth that is expansive, ever changing truth, fluid truth that is always seeking to know the multi layers of truth in each moment, acceptance, humor, playfulness, chill, innovation,  and inspiration.

Consciously Awesome Passionate Activators of Action

Creating, Adventure, & Exploring (exploring within, exploring dimensions, exploring perspectives).

The Consciously Awesome Avatar Personality Traits

“Know They Self”

  • Mirror reflection of awesomeness, holder of the immaculate conceptions, it knows what inside of you
  • Gnostic
  • Edgy
  • Pissed off
  • Claiming
  • Without judgement of the journey
  • Superhuman
  • Transparent
  • Experiences its humanity head on and finds humor in it

The Avatar’s Tone of voice

What emotions do we intend for people to feel by using this tone?

Laid back, edgy, arrogant, humorous, conversational, natural, mainstream, fun, creative, down to earth (compassionate)

We use a voice that imbues our story with CSE!

How will the Consciously Awesome Brand Story enable people to express or experience a vision of them self within the Consciously Awesome Brand Story?

The Consciously Awesome story allows people to relax and be real. It allows people to experience a natural spiritual path that is not outside of them self. It’s okay to experience the full spectrum of being human. It gives people permission to be truthful with who they are and accept all of who they are. It gives permission to actually love the human aspects of them self.

It gives people permission to become more human and become more super human at the same time.

What can Consciously Awesome help me create?

It will help you create a system in which you are in every moment accessing your ultimate potential. You super human aspects. It’s a system that helps you turn your super human aspects into practical living

Create the strongest/greatest version of yourself.

How can the Consciously Awesome Program help me connect?

Consciously Awesome will empower you with “vertical” knowledge so you can tap into information, support, guidance, insight, and innovation.

Consciously Awesome will empower you with “Horizontal” knowledge. This way you can relate intimately with humans, nature, animals, and plants. Create new relationships that is are not based on problems but in wholeness, joy, and intimacy.

Expand the depth of your connection to your world.

What can Consciously Awesome help me achieve?

Consciously Awesome will help you achieve the superhuman potential you feel inside of yourself that you doubt but is a seed that nags at you. It is the seed that tells you to keep going on.

It will help you take those Dreamy Ideas you have had in meditations or dream states, or moment of staring up at the sky and turn them into a practical life.

It will help you achieve a way of living that you can carry out your entire life that promotes healthy, prosperity, interdependence, and independence, as well as creative and passion which is a motivational activator to take actions.

Let us set the mood

What mood does the Consciously Awesome Visual Brand invoke?

It creates a mood that ignites the following:

  • A sense of wonder or wonderment
  • A sense of mystery (the universal mysteries of life)
  • Creativity
  • A sense of exclusivity

Now - the colors

The Primary Iconic Brand Color

Backgrounds and text colors

Consciously Awesome

Relax, Be Real, and Claim your Awesome.

The action color

The accent colors

These colors are here to interrupt the color scheme to accentuate or highlight anything special. In other words to get our readers attention and to break away from the iconic and action colors. This will help draw attention to different elements of the website. These colors will standout from the normal color palette and be complementary to the palette. Use sparingly and only when you want to draw your audiences attention to something special.

This is something special.

This is something special.

Standard Button Colors

This is our first brand texture - White Marble