OMG! The Best Attitude of Gratitude Tips Ever!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” ~Brian Tracy

When we think of gratitude we think of it as simply being thankful, which is true, but it is really more than that. Gratitude means being thankful for several aspects of your life. It is counting your blessings, being present and noticing the simple pleasures of your life, acknowledging everything you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything you receive is a gift and being mindful of how much you have already received.

We tend to take what we have in our lives for granted. When we have that attitude that we ‘never have enough’ in our lives, we tend to want more. With this way of thinking, we are never satisfied with what we have. This creates a vicious cycle of having the feeling of inadequacy in our lives.

Shift your perspective from what your life lacks to the abundance that you have already received. When you have the attitude of gratitude, you are much happier with what you have in your life and as a result will receive even more blessings. Giving thanks to your blessings will allow you to become happier. It will strengthen relationships not only with yourself but others as well, improve your health and reduce stress. Having gratitude heightens your quality of life.

The following steps will help you shift your awareness to living an attitude of gratitude. Start now by taking a few moments today and each day forward to focus on the abundance that you already have and that you are grateful for in your life.

Practicing this every day will help you to….

* Not take things in your life for granted.
* Find things in your life that you would like to shift your attention to, focusing your time and energy on them.
* Lift your spirits and give you more motivation to create what you desire in life; help lead you to a happier and healthier life.

Start today by implementing these simple steps to help you navigate and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

1. Be in the moment; pause and notice the small things in your life…

The first step is to exercise and build your gratitude muscle. It is as simple as taking time to pause in your
everyday life and ask yourself these questions.

* What am I grateful for in life right now? That you had downtime to be able to meditate. To be united with nature.
* Who am I grateful for in my life? A new friend that you really connected with. You got to spend time with a family member.
* What small signs did I see today? You could see numerology signs
such as 1:11 which is an indication to keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.

2. Take a look at the smaller things that you might be taking for granted…

Instead of only looking at the BIG things in your life, take time to notice the smaller things that come into your life that you can be grateful for. There are so many small blessings that we miss when we only focus on the big things.

Ask yourself:

* What one small thing is there that I can be grateful for at this very moment?
* What is one thing I can be grateful for that I usually take for granted?
* What small thing could I do for someone else that would give them gratitude?

Expanding your awareness to the smaller things in your life will allow you to appreciate the simple beauty in the world.

3. Look within yourself…

Taking a look within yourself is a great way to be more appreciative and grateful for yourself. Doing this will improve your level of self-esteem and confidence.

Ask yourself:

* What can I be grateful for about myself?
* What small things can I do today that I can be grateful for?

Make time for a morning meditation to look within and connect with your higher self.

4. Take time for yourself to pause and be present in gratitude…

Ideas of things to do for yourself in gratitude…

* Yoga – Coordinated breathing, stretching and movement gives a big “thanks” to your body for everything else you do with it, and it will  thank you back by feeling good in it and having more energy.
* Go for walks – Walks will help clear your mind and help you get centered and back in alignment. As you are walking, take in all the imagery and beauty as it will help you be in the present moment.
* Go hiking in nature – Hiking in nature will get you away from the hustle and bustle of life. Turn off technology and allow yourself to be the device that needs recharging from nature.
* Ride your bicycle – Riding your bike not only provides great exercise but it is also a great stress reducer, so you will feel better about yourself.
* Meditate – Practicing meditation provides great clarity for yourself and a sense of inner peace. When you connect with your higher self, he or she provides the answers you are seeking.

5. A few ways to get you into the gratitude habit and stay in it every day…

When you get in to the habit of practicing these tips, it becomes a natural part of your everyday life. You will stay in the gratitude mode.

* At the start of your day find 3 things in your life that you are grateful for. Thank the Universe for your blessings.
* Write those three things on a piece of paper and put it on the mirror in your bathroom so you can see it every day. As you have more things to be grateful for, write them on a new piece of paper.
* Have a gratitude journal next to your bed and before you go to sleep, write down the blessings or happy things that happened for you each day.

6. Express your gratitude to others every day…

By expressing your gratitude to others, it can boost not only your happiness but others’ happiness too.

* As you are walking by people, smile and say hello. Your bright cheery smile and attitude could brighten their day.
* Express to loved ones and friends how grateful you are for having them in your life. When you see the joy and smile in their face, it will uplift you as well.
* Express your gratitude to a loved one or friend in person; a phone call; a text; an email or even a hand-written note in a greeting card and mail it to them. Not only will you uplift them, it will uplift you as well.

Try doing these small tips every day and you will see how things shift quickly in your life in a big way. Just like the Law of Attraction, what you put out will come back to you in ways you never imagined possible. The more grateful you are for the little things in your life, the more you will feel like what you have is enough. When we say thanks to the Universe everyday for the abundance we already have in our lives, it will provide us with even more blessings at the right time.

Go ahead and start expressing your Attitude of Gratitude!

BE HAPPY with what you have while working for what you want.”  ~Helen Keller

As I bite into my peppermint patty and it melts into the sip of coffee in my mouth, I experience the sensation of skyrocketing through the universe. I rest into the vastness of the galaxy as I feel the stars brush against my cheeks.