Here is How to Make Your Impossible Dreams Possible


Think you have a dream that just seems too impossible to ever become reality?

Think again.


The other day, gliding from one thing to another, I happened to glance at the television at just the right moment. For a split second I saw the words, “Start Your Impossible”, then poof! The words bombarded my brain and jump-started ideas just like that (snap!)!

Wow! Wait. What?

Did that say what I thought it said?


I had to find out more about this message.

Where did it come from? What is its significance?


Upon investigation I learned that this is the newest slogan from Toyota, rolling it out during this year’s Winter Olympic games.

Their take on the slogan’s message is that it “reflects the Olympic and Paralympic spirit of encouragement, challenge and progress,” by highlighting those who “demonstrate the values of humility, hard work and never giving up”.

Inspiring and powerful words which can fuel so many dreams.


In the hours between seeing that phrase and then actually having the chance to look it up, all kinds of reflections and analyzations poured through my mind.

I began putting my own meaning to the message.

‘Start. Your. Impossible.’

Hmmmm…things that seemed improbable… and impossible at one time, but then become realities.


Impossibility Manifested


Technology that seems impossible

Like the very device you are reading this on right now was once something that seemed impossible.

3-D printers, implants, and automation of everything from cars to customer service.

And those far-out things on ‘The Jetsons’? Like robots talking with you and cars that fly? Look how impossible they seemed at the time - so impossible that they were relegated to a children’s cartoon - and yet now they are materializing right before our very eyes.


Feats that seem impossible

The many records that are broken and/or set each year for ‘fastest…’, ‘longest…’, ‘strongest…’, ‘most…’, etc.

For instance, TWO record-breaking times were made within fifteen minutes of each other during the 2018 Winter Olympic Men’s Speed Skating 10,000 M event. The first a time of 12.41.98 (Jorrit Bergsma) and the very next a time of 12.39.11 (Ted-Jan Bloeman).


Health that seems impossible

With all that we have learned through the years about foods, exercise, disease, environment, physical and emotional health, you might think we would run out of things to learn. But no.

The health world continues to amaze. Think of all of the technology now being incorporated into healthy living, be it a Fit-Bit or a bionic eye; using drones to deliver medical supplies and provide connections to medical personnel in other parts of the world; gene research that continues addressing diseases and conditions.

So many new possibilities are opening up that at one time were not available.


Arts that seem impossible

The world of music, performance, dance, design, writing, etc. continues to see its share of bar-raising for potential and excellence.

There are building designs that blur the lines between what we perceive is feasible and what might be impossible in that moment, from the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem to the Dancing House in Prague.

Then, not to mention the instruments that have evolved over the years, the musical compositions and the talent which brings the instruments to life.


Travel that seems impossible

Human travel has progressed from walking, to riding animals, to riding in contraptions across the land, to flying in the air to delving into the depths of the oceans, to venturing into space.

The more we explore, the smaller our world becomes.

Think – just in your lifetime, how far has transportation come and how many more frontiers are accessible?


And what do all of these come down to?



Think of all the boundaries that have been pushed and expanded because someone, somewhere had a crazy idea, mistake, or misfortune that grabbed hold of their soul and would not let go.

They began to imagine, “What if? Why not?”, and that was the beginning of their pursuit into the ‘impossible’.


You, too, have your own ‘impossibles’.


Some are big, some are small. Some will rock your own little world and some will rock the world.

Whatever they are, here are a few things to keep in mind as you embark on your quest.


Believe in your ‘impossible’

You are your biggest cheerleader.

Knowing that your vision aligns with you ensures the motivation necessary to take the first steps and carry you through the tough times.

Visualizing not only the details of your ‘impossible’ coming to fruition, but also the path along the way and the impact of its culmination will further invigorate your belief and your journey.

If you do not believe in your vision, no one else will.


Listen to the butterflies

New ideas can give you that ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling.

Listen to them to determine their origin.

Are they flitting around due to excitement, anxiety, or fear?

Each of these feelings present themselves in your gut, so reflecting on which way your feelings are leaning will help guide you in your next steps.

When you are feeling excited, you realize there may be ups and downs, but you believe in your vision so much that you are ready to jump in and get going.

When you are feeling anxious, you are excited for your vision but you may need to get things a little more in order before you commit to jumping in all the way.

When you are feeling fearful, it will be helpful to recognize the root of the fear and address it, so that it will not keep holding you back once you get going.


Embrace the challenges

No matter how much you believe in your vision and how motivated you are, this will not be a walk in the park.

Things that are perceived as impossible often come with many ups and downs and twists and turns. Realize this from the start; expect to come upon obstacles and roadblocks. Face the challenges with an open, positive mind.

Also, do not beat yourself up about what you are or are not capable of as you go along. Anytime you do something new it can be awkward and not pretty. The more often you do it, the better you will get. Keep at it.

Achieving your ‘impossible’ is not impossible, but it may not be easy.


Break it down

There is a lot to be done to get to where you want to be.

Sometimes looking at the thing as a whole may be overwhelming.

Try breaking things down into bite-sized actions.

What can you do first? This week? Today?

Depending on where you are in your pursuit, your bite-sized action might be making a list, buying some materials, contacting one prospective client or presenting one seminar. Check it off the priority list!

Accomplish one bite-sized action then move on to the next.


Seek out support

Do not feel like you need to go it alone.

There are those who you will find are perfect for inspiration, ideas, materials, ‘guinea pigs’, asking the right questions, and holding a figurative mirror up for you to look into.

Call on them as you see fit.


Perhaps most of all, never give up.

Think of all that our world would be missing if folks had given up.


So, what is your ‘impossible’?

Chase after it with humility, hard work, and persistence.

Like Toyota says:


Start Your Impossible.

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