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Watch our new show, Consciously AWESOME with Sheila Applegate, and discover your brilliance!

Sheila Applegate shares inspiring messages, insights, and experiences to spark your inner excitement and fan those flames of hope, so you can discover the superhuman aspects of yourself then practically apply them to create the strongest version of you!

We imagine that in a world where humanity consciously claims its inner awesomeness there will be no need for aggressive discrimination.

The plot of conflict will dissolve, collaboration will come into play, and creativity will be our new motivation.

Join Manifestation Coach and Author Sheila Applegate every Wednesday, at 1 pm EST, on Soulivity TV, for Conscious Conversations that will inspire you to navigate life’s daily adventure with an infusion of your soul’s magnificence.

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If the sun is shining, my Crosstrek is calling me to fill up her tank, throw open her sunroof, and head for the back-roads. With wind in my hair, I smile at everyone I see. Grace smiles back at me (even through the trees).